Need help/advice for holy pvp

Ok guys, I've bitten the bullet and got a little fed up with my favorite ret spec and did what anyone who wanted to be competitive does and re-rolled.

I've got my dk for rbgs and I've rerolled my ret into holy (for both rbgs and arena).
But I need some help and/or advice and I'm not afraid to ask for it!

I have not healed since season 10 of cata which I played ret/holy 50/50 at around 1900..
It was rather simple with FoL spams and WoG heals with the odd divine light thrown in.

What is our spell priority these days? FoL seems to oom you in seconds, holy light seems to cast forever with little pay off, same as divine light and I find myself a lot slower at building HP..
Eternal flame seems amazing for rbgs and bg's spreading your HoTs everywhere and if im left to free cast im putting out decent heals, massive heals in rbgs/bg's but I really feel I'm lacking in arena, especially when being trained..
Which doesn't really make sense considering how awesome clemency with double freedom, devotion aura, GoAK , on demand sprint, awesome burst healing ect ect.

I dunno, any advice?
And I do realize I'm missing 2 enchants before someone brings it up, they are in my bags.
I am also in the process of completing my Marco's and keybinds which will make a huge difference but I just feel like I'm not doing it right, or is this just how holy feels these days?

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