The Greekorc Challenge II: The Insanening

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Many months have passed since the initial release of The Greekorc Challenge, and many a bold man has attempted to retain his sanity in the face of the overwhelming horror that comes with the Challenge. This thread is to once again call to arms the valiant members of Darkspear - both Horde and Alliance alike - in trying their hand at this legendary undertaking.

For those of you who are just now hearing about The Greekorc Challenge, allow me to elaborate. The goal of this challenge is to get together a group of devoted friends and guildies for either a random battleground OR a rated battleground, and play the theme of "The Price is Right" over vent during the course of the game without going insane or being so annoyed as to turn it off.

The required time to pass the challenge is to have it on a loop for 1 hour. Anything beyond this limit is considered worthy of praise! Post below in support for the challenge, to say you completed it, or to record your times! Kthxbai

P.S. In addition to this, spread the good word of the Challenge to friends and guilds, so that others may know the glory and fame to be had!
Challenge Accepted!
I'm going to destroy this.

*Challenge accepted.
sounds lame
sounds lame

Sounds like cowardice.
Greekorc, I just wanted to let you know that sadly I have to take a break from WoW. Dont kick me from the guild please, I should be back within a few months. Hope you see this. Thanks
I beat it. =D
Guys come on I did this back in the first challenge now I must attempt again for my personal glory is anyone with me!
Both factions are welcome? How about Dog's of WAR?
Oh Greekorc, long time no see.
Of course Dogs of WAR are welcome. It wouldn't be a party without you guys.
Right on lol
You are all idiots.
You are all idiots.

I think you havent even tried it yourself!
No using insanity wells though this challenge!

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