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I read the thread on Fire Mages, but since it didn't specify what the best professions are, I thought I'd ask the mage community. I was thinking Enchanting and Inscription. Are any other professions more viable for 5.2? (I already have JC, Mining, Skinning, and LW on other toons)
For PVE right now it's Engineering and BS. Troll for racial.
For PVE right now it's Engineering and BS. Troll for racial.

Awesome thanks.
How exactly are Engineering/BS > Tailoring?

Lightweave is a cheap upgrade that gives you approximately ~320 intellect, but given that it's 2k Intellect for 15 seconds, it puts Tailoring ahead of the other professions for casters. And the Tailoring leg enchant is cheaper if you're a Tailor.

BS, Jewelcrafting, Alchemy, Enchanting, Engineering, and Inscription all give a +320 intellect gain through their perk as well whether the gain is on demand (Engineering Synapse) or passive.

LW gives +330 through Fur Lining, and Herbalism is +480 Haste.

Tailoring is the best profession for any caster, the secondary is really whatever you like.
I think it's more about the crit than the intellect. Two extra sockets = 640 crit rating, and considering most fire mages are gemming pure crit, BS would be very attractive.

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