Worst Raid mechanic ever?

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04/08/2013 09:35 PMPosted by Powdermike
I wiped 9 times today in LFR to Durumu, finally someone says to set graphics to low and we will see the safe zone for the maze.

If you wiped so many times, would the Determination buff be high enough to ignore adds and zerg the boss before the maze starts, or finish by whoever lived through the first maze? I think in a run last week, we had 6 stacks, and the boss was killed during the maze phase.
This should be a poll. The current thread topic is boring.

Thus, I will say my least favorite raid mechanic this expansion is 10H Will Sparks. In 25m, not as bad. In 10 it's just a blatant requirement to have X amount of specific classes (classes, even, not specs). The Sparks floating above the air is annoying as hell to soak and extremely unnecessary, on top of that.

I personally greatly enjoy Attenuation, heroic Lightning Storm, and Durumu maze.
From this tier I really dislike Ji-kun flying though.

Heroic will on 10 man is a rogue check.
Just stand still and maybe he won't see you.

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