Extended Shore Leave

Worst idea for a daily quest ever? Seriously, you expect us to wait around for an hour for a ship to dock to kill a mob for a daily quest?

What makes it even worse is you can swim/water walk to the ship and see the NPC but there is no way to get on the ship when it isn't at the one spot.

Not sure what you are thinking with this quest but it is beyond what should be an acceptable time frame for a daily quest.
All I can add is that this quest wastes a lot of time.
I was able to get on the boat, it moves around and sometimes it disappears, so i was in the middle of the water on my water mount and shadowstep up to the boat and got my kill...
I wonder if the ship is even supposed to be still out sailing around the island after you do the phase five scenario to open the docks? The quest itself is about undermining the Zandalari efforts to repair the ship, is it not?

edit: confirmed! I did it again on another character and found that if you log out and back in, the ship will be waiting for you on the dock. It looks like the client just fails to properly update the state of the island after you complete the scenario.
Been broken for 3 days on Durotan.

I've seen the boat off by the Alliance ships on my DK. Put on water walking and ran to it. The boat vanished as soon as I touched it.

With my lock, I finally saw the boat yesterday. Oddly enough, I could only see it when I angled my camera just right. However, upon trying to step onto the boat, it vanished and I couldn't get it to appear again.

I've tried reloading UI as well as the log out/in "fix", but still nothing.

I do see the shadow of the boat in the water the entire time though. I'm assuming the boat is supposed to stay at the dock, but... it's just not there... or is, but very difficult to get the game to actually load it.

Very few people have confirmed being able to see, let alone, get on the boat. At least on Durotan.

Please fix asap. 3+ days with a broken daily for us daily doers is annoying.
Please fix asap. 3+ days with a broken daily for us daily doers is annoying.

Looks like it's a known problem:


Patch 5.2 Hotfixes: April 4

Extended Shore Leave: This quest has been temporarily removed from quest rotation to address an issue with the Zandalari Warship.

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