Recruiting for new raid team!

Our guild is moving to Bart over the next couple of days with the intention of starting a brand new 10 man. Most of us raided in WotLK and Cata, but RL commitments forced us to drop off mid-firelands. VERY keen to get back into it. We only raid once a week, every Thursday 7pm-11pm AEST, and we're going to smash through t14 and get into ToT asap. All experienced players. Current roster is as follows:

Prot Warrior

Resto Shaman
Holy Paladin
Disc Priest

BM Hunter
Survival Hunter

Leave a message if interested! We intend to begin raiding from 2nd May.
I am interested i can tank and dps (technically can heal as well but MW gear needs work) ive raided in bc wrath and cata on various classes on my eu account.
Thanks for show of interest! The guild will be transferring over tomorrow (the 22nd April), and as soon as this toon is there i'll get a message to you. Hope to talk soon!
Weeeeew! Good to see interest already :D
Still a couple spots open! First raid on Thursday night!

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