<Why You Dead> A horde pvp guild.

Hi there! <Why You Dead> (25) is located on Zul'jin horde. We formed after another popular pvp guild decided to allow bottting, win-trading, exploiting, and other nefarious things. If you like all things pvp, then give us a go. Whisper Alpha, Beta, Epsilon, or Omega for an invite.
Yes! <Why You Dead> Is Now open for recruits!

A little history of our guild. The guild name came around when we were pushing 2400+ in SWTOR. This consisted of Bizzaro, Hollywxxd and Sawedoffsob. That was our guild name there. Bizzaro, was the cool guy to grace this sweet guild apon us!

But anyways!! here we go! --

-We're currently LF Tank for C2 and possibly a new leader for our C3 team.
-We dont require apps/ nor do we require you to be on all the time.
-We dont allow wintraders, arena exploiters, bot levelers, or botters.
-We're chill people with a great atmosphere.
-We have several players on at all times and most are always willing to help!

Our core 1 team is currently LF a high rated experienced boomkin. Requirements for Core 1, is that you must at least have 2k exp RBGS or arenas, Must be able to skype, and you must be able to have sound effects.

We feel that everyone deserves a chance to push high ratings, so we're constantly switching and changing people around thats in our core 2/ core 3 teams to boost players rating, and this allows them to have experience in the high mmr groups so they can get a feel of how we lead and how the groups are played at a high rating.

If for any reason we're to get the same groups thats going in the guild (guild vs guild) in rbgs.. we would play the groups as if it was another team we didnt have a clue about.. WE will not throw a team, nor would core 2 / core 3 would throw the team to boost core 1's rating. This would be cheating and would be considered win-trading.. this NOT allowed in <Why You Dead>.

<Why You Dead>'s Guild roster consists of several players Mentioned on the 2005-2006 forum post.. Its true. We've accumlated some of the best players on zul'jin thats been playing since release. These players have led battlegrounds since battlegrounds was released (patch 1.5.0)

The only requirements / not so requirements is that we're mainly looking for :
-players with at least 1500+ experience in Rated Battlegrounds
-people that can skype
-call out when you're in trouble (tanks if you're looking to join YOU must be very vocal)

-SOUND EFFECTS (you must be able to at least chirp like a bird or have death sound effects like.. for an example when the opposing tank dies we simply say this


and for any of you SNES heroes out there.. this is the old Guile Death sound effect from street fighter! lol..

- and no.. we're not Role-Playing Pvpers.. that would just be boring.. I mean come on.. if your personality in pvp is as strong as Hellsbargin ... more power to ya! At least we all know deep down inside ..we have some love for that pedo-stach guy for bringing some pvp life back to zul'jin. RIP Hellsbargin.

So if you're interested in :
-world pvp
-Guild Events
-sexting (joke haha)
-10man old heroics raids
-Scenario Farming
-LFR groups (our extent to raiding)
-listening to sawed say... getitgetgitgetit and players instantly dying

Then enlist with us today to get this pvp farm going!

As Epsilon had mentioned, Whisper Omega, Sawedoffsob/Sawedoffbrez, Beta, Alpha, Epsilon, Reljin, Doja, or Restolution today! for that invite.

...dude.. Why You Dead? Did you pop cooldowns? Why didn't you vanish? dude.. shroud carries rogues to 2700+ you didnt know that? come on man..

How did you get so guud? You my friend are da best! Damn..

Why You Dead bro? I'm confused : /

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