LF Alliance Guild With Thundering Hatchling

Pet Battles
I need the Thundering Serpent Hatchling, Guild Herald (Alliance), and Guild Page (Alliance). I will make a character on your realm and reach revered.

All 3 cost 1100 gold (Forget if discount bonuses are factored in so maybe less, plus I will likely have a bit when I get enough rep, so even less then that), I would like someone to give me the gold to buy them when I reach the correct rep, in return you get two of the following (Seems fair since most of them alone sell for more then 1k).

Untamed Hatchling (Stock: 2)
Giant Sewer Rat
Humanoid Stone
Magic Stone
Aquatic Stone
I run old raids a lot, so chances are good I might get another one of the raid pets.

Contacted, if anyone else is interested add me @


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