[A]<Rubber Up & Go> - 11/12 Recruiting

We are new to the server reaching 11/12 in our second week. We will be pushing heroic ToT soon. We are in need of a OT or DPS. Both of which should have decent gear (510-515 preferred not required). Must know fights with experience. Must be gemmed/enchanted properly. Also, please come to raid prepared with flask and pots. Feasts are provided (275 stat). Please whisper Twittersme / Firelass / Everester (or pst anyone in guild and we can have them get back to you)

Raid Times:
Tues - 8:30-12 EST
Thurs - 8:30-12 EST
Mon - 8:30-1130 EST (This night is only for progression situations and ends early)

*UPDATE - Now recruiting any of the following. Please be prepared for heroic ToT. Please see site for app. (or send a in-game mail to Firelass, Twittersme, Everester with your information)

Druid (Feral, Gaurdian)
Monk (Windwalker)
Warrior(Arms, Fury)
Paladin (Retribution)
Death Knight (Blood)
Shaman (Enhancement)
Bump!!! Still looking for someone.
Now looking for Rogue or Lock.

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