(A) Weekday/daytime 10man Recruiting

I am starting a raidgroup for people that can raid during the day.

Schedule: 11am server, Tues/Wed/Thurs- days and times may change slightly.

Please PST or mail me in game. I will also check this post.
Update - this run has now been moving through ToT, and is now 11/12 - currently recruiting 1 tank
I'm very interested in running it on this alt (514 hunter) - and am always free during those times.

My main can be seen at http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/medivh/Mistborn/simple I have 10/12 experience on him and have experienced the first half of ToT on this toon as well. Plus, switching from melee to ranged for encounters is not a difficult change.

Let me know. Thanks.
I have my DK at 508 ilvl that I might be able to commit to those raid times.
Amended - LF 1 tank.
Still looking for a tank. Other tank in group is a warrior. Prefer DK or druid.
This group is currently up and running. One of our tanks would prefer to change to DPS. Looking for 1 tank - prefer druid or DK.

Also looking to fill 1 DPS spot - prefer melee.

Thank you
I am interested as either dps, or tank. Attempted to contact in game but no luck.
Updated Roster - because that is what I do. Looking for one permanent tank.
Kundun (monk)
Timpani (pally)
Esmeraldas (shaman)
Weetang (priest - holy)
Sugabuns (Warlock)
Merietle (Mage)
Jesabelas (Mage)
Laesin (Enhance shaman - part time)
Soliton (Ele shaman)

Going to try starting to move into ToT this or next week.

Nazok - will try to contact you in game.
Sent you in game mail. Very interested.
Druid 502 LF> guild raid spot (Healer/Bala)
Still looking for 1 tank, 1 DPS - trying to get in touch with Nazok still.

Currently in ToT now. Please contact me in game.
Currently recruiting 1 tank, 1 DPS, 2 healers.
Raid Times: Tues/Wed/Thurs 11am-2pm (PST)

Please contact me in game, and I will continue to check forums.
11am-2pm Tues/Wed/Thurs, server

Currently recruiting 2 DPS (at least one melee), 2 healers

Please PST or mail me if interested
503 rogue. The time works great for me and I'm interested. Hit me up any time.
Currently still looking for a healer - ideally disc priest
LF 1 tank

Currently 10/12.

Please PST me in-game if interested

Now 11/12. Still searching for a non-monk tank (DK, pally preferred)
Bump. Still looking for a tank for daytime raid group
Bump. Now 12/12. Starting on Heroics next week. Still looking for a Tank (non-protector token preferred)

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