Goodbye Garrosh going to miss this server both good and bad things about it. I hope I was wrong in giving up on you and the server makes a turn for the better. I'll miss the lol's and the qq's I had here. Gawd I promised myself I wouldn't cry. =*(
bai old friend <3
Abs, I will never look at feet the same way because of you and the old peeps in Audacity.
I'll think of you every time I put on a nice sexy pair of these

This particular graphic brought to you in part by Afker!

Have fun, dude! :D
Bye! Have fun on whatever realm you decide next or have already chose next! :)
no one gives a !@#$
What's going on in this thread??
Once upon a time in WoW there was a fresh new server called Garrosh. It attracted a large amount of people due to a free transfer from multiple realms. For a good amount of time life on Garrosh was beautiful. Raid progression guilds were plenty and as far as I remember PvP were decent. Then a dark cloud rose over the WoTLK server and for many reasons a lot of the great players started to leave. I remember once mighty guilds like <BBB>, <Eventide>, and <Contempt> just to name a few, they all either fell apart and or transferred off the realm.

After the wake of such a crash a few guilds remained and some combined into a monster guild called <Last Attempt>. I was fortunate enough to know most of these people and some I still talk to from time to time. Like all good things though, everything has an end. <Last Attempt> had a decent run in Cata but due to lack of available recruits from server and off things went south for the guild and it shifted its focus from a 25 man to a 10-man guild. Again the guild took on another form and decided to name change to <When in Rome>. The focus of this new guild was to give the remaining <LA> people a place to still kick some PvE rear while not having the stress of maintaining a 25 player roster.

Fast-forward to today and <When in Rome> took on another name change (lol) to <Foundation> things was looking bleak; the guild was on its last legs and barely keeping alive with life support. But and this is the saddest part of my story, even though the guild was having a tough time they still managed to score realm first on 99% of the content for Tier 14. The guild eventually started losing core raiders piece by piece and for a 10-man guild losing a main healer or a tank or even the top dps can be fatal. A domino effect came into play and the guild stopped raiding. This is just a small story of my experiences on Garrosh, a server I have called home since Tier 8.

tldr: Garrosh was a new server with a lot of great people. Most of them left and now life on Garrosh is a shell of its former glory.
ya because WoW is dying they lost another 1.8 mil subs because its a ruined skilless game now, i don't even play anymore
This does in fact appear to be a domino effect, even my "old" guild <Champions Legion> transferred away, as well as my first guild <Flagship>.
Yup, I expect to see lots more transfer out. Don't know if <The Wicked Brotherhood> will or not, but damn its been tempting.

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