Mac Pro with Horrible Frame Rate

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I just picked up a refurbished mid 2010 mac pro today but for some reason i get horrible frame rate even with everything set to good.

It has the 10.8.3 update a 2.8ghz xeon quad core processor, ati 5770 1gb video card, and 3gbs of ddr3 ram (getting updated soon). I've seen posts about resetting something and that fixing a bug but ive never used a mac before so i have no idea what those posts are talking about.

Any advice would be much appreciated.
smc reset

you'll also want to probably get an ati 7950 or nvidia geforce 680 to replace that vid card, as well as bump ram up to like 8 gigs. then it should be a pretty solid machine. get like 40fps ultra in 25 man heroic raids, and like 60fps+ everywhere else no problem

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