<Design> 10m 11/14HM Siege LFM Alt Raid

<Design> was formed shortly after Mists of Pandaria launched and quickly rose to the top 10 ranks of the server progression for Tier 14. In Tier 15 we suffered some losses to our roster, but managed to end at 13/13HM within the top 10 ranking on the server again. We are now actively pushing heroic content in the new tier! We were founded to be a guild for high quality players to seek progression raiding, while still maintaining an insightful and friendly atmosphere to the public and its members. We welcome social/casual members and do our best to include them in our day-to-day happenings (5 mans, scenarios, fun-runs, etc.)

We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild with a laid-back and casual environment and enjoy all aspects of the game by regularly doing PvP/arena and Challenge modes in addition to raiding. If you're looking for a quiet, but fun and laid back atmosphere and have similar progression goals or experience, give us a try!

Recruitment needs are as follows:

Main raid recruitment closed at the moment.

(** Priority)

Item levels should be roughly 558 or higher with 2/14+ H. exp in T16 and previous hm raiding exp. Exceptions can be made with proof (logs) of consistent extraordinary performance.

We raid Tues, Wed & Thurs from 9:00PM-1:00AM CST (server time) and are currently 9/14 HM in Siege of Org.

What we ask from our raiders:

Attendance -- this is VERY important as we like to maintain a small roster. This will almost always guarantee you a spot, yet we rely on our members to make a very high percentage of raids in order for this to happen.
Attitude -- We want people who WANT to raid DESPITE the occasional tough/stressful raid night. We have a passion for it during the hard times and the good, and so should you!
Knowledge --Players who can perform well at any spec they choose from and fully utilize both their main and off specs. Players who can be VOCAL during encounters while performing their class responsibilities. We strive to be as versatile as possible for a 10m raiding guild. Having gold (or endless+) achievements in the proving grounds for your spec is also a huge bonus.

If this sounds like something up your alley, don't hesitate to leave us a in-game mail or message Fyte (Vitiek#1666), Fayt (Fayt#1129), Korathan (Adrian#1873) or Bujutsu when we're online.

We are always recruiting exceptional players of any role, though we may not always have guaranteed raid spots. If your class isn't posted but you'd like to have a chat anyway, our mailboxes are always open. Thanks for reading!
Bump :)
Any need for a 503 Resto Druid?
Edited & updated.
what days do you raid? i have a 501 lock and a 488 boomkin im in the process of gearing
Edited for clarity. Still looking!
Updated 3/13 now.
Bump & edited for progression. Now 7/13.
Will consider a resto druid/holy priest as well!
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Still need a rogue?
Edited for progression & recruitment.
Still looking.
bump, edit, etc. 13/13 as of last week.
530 warrior reporting for duty.

Nothing at all as to what you're looking for
still looking;[
Potential warlock dps spot opening up now too.
swagmatic tank and lock/mage plox

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