Moon Guard
you were babbling about something my good sir
Ah yes, that is right.

Lies and disappointments.

Continue with the subject, Moon Guardians.
This game.
  • Raiding
  • PVP
  • RP

While the latter is easier to overlook the more disappointing portions of, it does make up the bulk of the reasons why I don't bother with open events anymore.
I'm generally disappointed at people being unreasonably condescending to me on my ventrilo.
Drunk posts are always filled with joy.

Especially after you get sober again.

they just aint what they used to be,
A majority of the Blood Elf Rp community.

Oh, and people who are either AH Bots or under cut by -hundreds- rather then -maybe- a few gold.

Oh and San'layn's that aren't Belf DK's..Yeah that too.
Sometimes, I poop while I'm peeing.

It's not as cool as the surgeon said it would be.
How and why do people make drunk threads?
Well now I'm curious as to what the original disappointment is, whether that was perceived in drunkenness or not. Lol.
That time when something may have happened like this, but most likely did not.

Cheer up buddy.
but I lieks moneyz

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