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Hi all,

Above Nothing consists of 7 core individuals who's raiding roots go back to Karazhan in early BC. We have successfully completed all content from Kara through Dragonsoul when it was current content in our time played together. We enjoy a challenge and strive for excellence in the raid environment. Constantly pushing our abilities to our best to get achievements and have fun. We are a hardmode capable group and as such we are looking for individuals who are the same.

As we all quit shortly after Deathwings Demise we decided to pick up MoP for the first time to push through content so we can inevitably say "we have done it all". Most of us have recently purchased MoP within the last month so we ourselves are still in the process of gearing and learning new content. As a guild we are focusing on starting in Mogu'shan Vault, Heart of Fear and Terrace of Endless Springs. Clearing the raids at least once for guild achievements and to be able to pace ourselves correctly for Throne of Thunder. We predict this process will take 3 weeks give or take a week.

Minimum iLvl - 480
Working Microphone
Available most Evenings
Knowledge of your class (If you don't pull your own weight you wont fit in)

Recruiting Needs:
Tanks - 1 (Pally/DK)
Heals - 1 (Priest/Pally)
DPS - 1 (Ret Paladin or Frost DK)

2-3 Nights a week from 7pm - 10/11pm PST
Sunday/Monday/Thursday (Thursdays only when doing progression)

If you have read all of the above and this seems like a good fit for you and you feel you have what it takes to become an essential part of our group then please Message me In Game or send me In Game mail.


Thanks for your interest!

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