T15 set bonuses

Has anyone done any math on the rage generation between the prot 4 piece and the dps two piece?
I can tell you that I'll be running LFR to get the DPS two set because, it's infinitely better than the crappy pvp set bonuses.
I just got the 2 pce last night.
I sat on a dummy for 5 minutes to see what the proc rate was like...
I wasn't too impressed:/

But I agree, the pvp sets could use some tweaking. They ought to go back to their original design for MoP and have heroic leap break roots.
With all the nerfs warriors received I don't think an extra 30 second cd root break would be over powered.
It's the PVE four pce bonus that I will be getting for some world pvp action. That will set up some kills for sure!

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