6K DPS? What's wrong?

My DPS says 6K. That seems WAY off, but I'm not sure. I'm trying to wrok on Reforging (It's a bit confusing to me still) my gear to the right stats, but 6K seems REALLY off. Any suggestions?
What DPS where? On your character sheet? That's basically just the damage you'd do auto-attacking.
Whatever you're using to track dps is broken, unless you're talking about some kind of level 70 alt.
I was looking at the one on my character sheet.
Yeah, that's just your weapon damage plus a portion of your attack power divided by weapon speed (or something like that). It's pretty much entirely meaningless. If you want to know your actual DPS, you need an addon like Recount or Skada.
Yeah, that's just a very rough estimate of your auto-swing potential with no buffs, no Seal. Has absolutely no bearing on your actual damage output.
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