Dealing with the Direhorn (Horridon Hm)

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How are some folks dealing with the direhorn as ret? It spawned on me last night during the burn phase post the death of Jalak and my dps was !@#$ from there on. Thanks.
I used the approach above but found it easier to just use hammer of the righteous* on horridon when the direhorn is close. Also if you are using mass exorcism (which you should) it also hits it if its relatibly close to horridon.

* I don't have the 4p bonus yet =(
I just abuse double Jeopardy on him with a focus Judgment, taunts for osht moments and frag bomb him+horr
Thank you very much! Great macros, I didn't realize the reckoning would work on it; HotR is pretty sharp as well. Thanks fellas!
I also didn't know reckoning would work, thanks for the tip! I usually just kinda strafe away, and judge/prism off it (as the tank).
I just judge rotate it, keeps up Double Jep

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