PvP off-healing: Ret vs Feral

Been a druid most of my WoW career. Decided to roll a bunch of alts with MoP and have had lots of fun with a Rogue, Warrior, and this Paladin. The melee-only classes are fun in their own right, but I always missed the ability to heal others with them. Therefore, my Druid and my Ret will be my mains for now.

Questions: With the 5.3 changes, has feral gotten any better at PvP off-healing compared to Ret or would Ret still be the king of that? In other words, if my goal isn't burst-burst-kill... wait 3 minutes... burst-burst-kill, should I stick with leveling the Paladin or go back to my druid as go feral?

My focus on gameplay is Random BGs.

And, kind of off-topic, is Shockadin viable for Random BGs and as effective as a Ret for 5.3?
I would say Ret is better, simply because i don't think it will get nerfed. Durid off-heals are stronger right now. Ret is also more fun since there is less stance dancing and more outgoing damage. They're more like they were in Vanilla than ever before. Was healing some 200k+ FoL crits in RandomBGs earlier today. Also, You can't have more than one main.

Shockadins are not viable as all in RatedBGs. Not eough burst or healing. Though super fun to play in RandomBGs. They're glory days were 2.4.3 and 5.1. Sadly they're gone. Don't let that stop you though!

Everything above is my opinion, no actual calculations were involved.
edit: Shockadin.
They're glory days were 2.4.3 and 5.1. Sadly they're gone.
Just saying, 5.1 is what killed Ret this expansion. We were amazing in 5.0.4-5.0.5, but 5.1, the hybrid healing nerf, absolutely killed us. That was Warrior heaven, and the bane of Ret.

As for you, Mr. Mcshmoo, I'd say Ret for offheals. They're very effectively nice for our allies, as well as support Sacs, BoPs, and Freedoms. In random BGs, we also fare extremely nicely. Plus our burst, (if we're not CC'd through the entire thing, like usual), is very nice. Arguably the best in the game. For peeling though, I'd give it to Feral. Cyclone and Entangling Roots is amazing. Then of course all the stuns they've been dishing out. Ferals also destroy healers, when full DoTs are up, and Ferals have more self defensives. (Plus if they have Symbiosis, which they can just cast on a Paladin and get Divine Shield, for example.) Oh and lastly, Prowl.

But overall, for what you're asking for, I'd say join the Order, and become a Paladin. Ferals are though, a very close second.

As for rated PvP, if you ever get into that, Feral by a long shot. In Arenas, their DoTs and lockout capability will be the death of the other team.
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Ret is also more fun since there is less stance dancing and more outgoing damage.

Season 5 was great, season 8 was good, season 9 was great, season 10 was good, season 11 was great, this season is good.

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