Is the NSA reading our in game chat logs?

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Are they??
Wait, you mean that people can read things I put on the internet?

I never would have figured.
If they are, you'd better stop planning to commit acts of terrorism RIGHT NOW.
Curse you Big Tinfoil!! CURSE YOU!!!!!!!!
If they ever read these forums - they would realize they were wasting there time
Yeah. I heard terrorists practice terror attacks by playing Isle of Conquest. Watch what you say.
If they read what we put, they would of gone insane.

Are they??

What are you doing?
Are you regretting that erotic role play you had with that dwarf female?
Out of pure instinct, I had to make sure the OP wasn't anyone I was familiar with.

He's not.

But he's still ignored.

Because his post reminded me a lot of a night elf named Neoslayyer.
The NSA's job would be a lot easier if they could just put creepy eye things in everyone's foreheads like Wrathion does...

Wrathion is the NSA!!!
No, they just have computers scanning pretty much everything they can on the Internet and looking for key words and phrases.

They also don't care that you cybered with that gnome lady.
Yes, we're watching you.

They also don't care that you cybered with that gnome lady.

It was only once and I thought it was a dwarf!

They're just reading yours.
Yes, we're watching you.

And, I am am watching you.
If I recall correctly, most of the WoW servers in the US are located at AT&T datacenters. Assuming chat logs are stored on the actual servers, on site, then yes, the NSA has probably parsed your chat logs before. Are you starting to feel a little creeped out?
06/09/2013 02:48 PMPosted by Lightneng
Yes, we're watching you.

And, I am am watching you.

I see you.
I generally just assume that all my internet traffic is passing through some kind of monitoring station filtering my words for things like "the bordeaux diligence" and "catcher in the rye" and "ruby ridge". Fortunately I never say those things.

... dang it!

If they can listen in to your phone calls (hosted by private companies) they can read a private company's chat logs.

Note: Private in this case has nothing to do with stock ownage; just the fact that neither Blizzard nor any cellular device company is government run.

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