Gear Optimization

OK, so a few questions about upgrade path, etc.

First, a "Which Trinket" question, for Ret:

I've got the two equipped trinkets (Shado Pan Assault & 2x upgraded Xuen), but I just got an LFR Primordius trinket... My prot gear is equipped now, but I use the trinkets for both sets. I'll swap to my ret gear and update when I log in later.

From what I can find, it seems roughly on par or maybe slightly ahead of Xuen. Anyone care to weigh in as to which combo I should use? I'm still holding out for Feather off of Ji'Kun, but no luck yet.

Additionally, weapons:

So far, no luck getting any LFR drops. But my blacksmith is almost ready to craft his first Reborn weapon. From what I can see, the Lionheart Executioner would put me significantly overcap on Hit with no way to reduce it, and the Bloodmoon is itemized very well. As I get better LFR gear, though, will the hit rating come down to the point that the extra itemization from the 1%exp from the sword would be better?

Also, any other critiques on gemming, etc. are welcome.
Primo's trinket is pretty bad for us; the stacks are unreliable.

Use the Reborn axe. There's so much hit floating around this tier we're actually looking at haste/stam gems for blue sockets to control hit rating.
OK, thanks.

That's what I had figured on both counts, but I figured it would be wise to ask around to see if I was missing something.

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