527 Blood DK 3/13H Exp LFG

So i had a post a few weeks ago and got a bunch of bites on it, but sadly a lot of them raided too late, raided on a day i could not or just were not in my interest. ( I do still have a couple apps in) So im back adding a brand new post to see if anyone is still interested.

10m Guild that i was running xfered to Mal'ganis but ended up breaking it off 2 weeks ago. so im looking to get back into it before it is way too late and im just so far behind. So im looking around for a guild needing a smart tank. I'm very capable of doing heroic encounters past my current kills. I would like to get back into 25m raiding but 10m would work just as well. I would also like to stay horde unless you are able to pay for the faction change. Im an east coast player, i would like to stay on a highish pop server. The only days i can not raid is monday as i work untill 11pm, and Friday & Saturday is a negative for me as well.

Now i have my 527 Blood DK, which has the 3/13H kills and legendary meta up to date, Im currently @ 5 runestones. And i also have a 508 Brewmaster Monk that i would be willing to play, but he is obviously a little behind in gear and the legendary but if your guild is willing to gear it up and catch me up i can main switch for sure.

The ideal times would be anywhere from 7-1ish EST, again no Mondays, Fridays or Saturdays. Anything else is possible to work.

Shaffer - 527 Blood DK:

Bearjuu - 508 BM Monk:

If your interested and would like to talk just add me on RealID - Shaffer#1932. Looking forward to speaking with you!
get a name change imo

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