Wpvp, gets taken way too seriously on barth.

Firstly, I never post on the forums, only scroll/read other threads, but I'm pretty sure this will fit in nicely for Barthilas standards.

Today, I've had the delightful pleasure in meeting one of the servers finest players, his name is Jwwarior/Jwdruid.

I killed his character in 1v1 combat outside of shrine, 2 minutes go by, and I tab back into wow right as I'm being dismounted by the hardened shell item, the same warrior was back with a friend, they failed miserably in an attempt to slay my beloved red headed dwarf and only to run/die to the shrine guards.

Another few minutes go by, as I tab back into wow, I have a chat filled with rage whispers, I couldn't decipher the gibberish so I responded with this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5GgflscOmW8

I logged off, I had breakfast and I logged back into wow to find this............"

Viewers please be advised, looking at the following image and trying to decipher this will cause you to have a brain hemorrhage or bleed from the eyes violently.

if its red it ded 4 da horde
This Jwwarrior might be related to Soberocks, they both are very skilled at sending angry mail.
Wow, Xcalibur, I should have listened to you, my eyes feel like they have been pierced with a rusty needle after trying to decipher what that person has said to you.

As for my brain... I don't think words could describe how much it aches.


~~~~ Z out. ~~~~
You must be crying! crying..

and whats a BMW, you will never know
I love getting rage whispers and hate mail..

Just be thankful you can't make letter bombs with Engineering.
I hope to never endure this again, he honestly could not take the fact that I could not understand any sentence he put together.
Lol, that's gold.. Blaming your class.. L2P
pfft, i get these from my own faction

i get better comments from Horde multiple times a day
LOL @ jwdruid, wat a waist of OxyGen you are, hang your head in shame in the ap·pall·ing butcher of the of the English language, L2Spell b4 You make a world fool of your self.
2nd BMW must be a new class of Hunter Blizz must be working on? LOL @ jwdruid again.. 2 sec's into trying to read your rant's my eye's began to bleed KeK.. too funny for words, do Your self a "favor" & Delete your account So, you don't put Us all through this ag·o·ny again..
No...just don't.
You idoits..
World PVP on Barth is a bit lame atm.
I've had the pleasure of levelling a couple of toons through Outland.
At level 58 and freshly through the portal, I'm promptly killed by a very skilled L90 Alliance player.
Who then camps my rather threatening L58 warlock.
I normally respond to the third or forth res kill, by hopping onto my DK and killing the rather skilled player.
Weeks go by and my newly levelled 80 warlock steps into Hyjal to be killed by a very skilled level 90 Alliance hunter.
I really have to learn how to play this game.... My toons that are a mere 10-30 levels lower seem to be no match for these skilled killers.

So many lols.
these whispers/letters are great

it's the closest you can get to watching your opponent yell at his monitor when you kill him
I got this one in Cata from someone.


Haven't done arena since.. To scary for me.. :(
ty for this

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