Ludicrious changes to Holy Pally in patch 5.4

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Blizzard, overall you've made some good, well needed changes to Divine Plea and Unbreakable Spirit in patch 5.4. I commend you there.

However, nerfing Eternal Flame is laughable in my humble opinion. I agree that it was the go-to talent as opposed to Sacred Shield and Selfless Healer, but that's because they aren't attractive in the slightest bit (even with the new changes).

I have read the recent updated changes to Eternal Flame, and that it's no longer getting a nerf to the initial healing output, but I'm still very concerned about the Mastery IH changes.

The recent 12-10% Mastery nerf was definitely fair and justified. Nerfing us at this point is just plain wrong.

In regards to our Tier 16 2-piece and 4-piece bonuses, they are indeed abysmal. I understand that the T14 Holy shock tier bonus was quite incredible, to the point where we we're highly regarded as arguable top healers in tier 14 and the early going of tier 15, but since the nerf to that and the Tier 15 set bonuses, we've been severely lacking.

I would like to see a more fair treatment of our class in regards to other healing classes and tier bonuses.

Finally, I believe Disc. Priests and Mistweaver monks are much more deserving of a nerf.

Thank you.
Yesterday they posted saying they don't want to nerf our output, just the way it is done. You can read the full article at :

The only thing we can do right now is wait until the raid testing starts, everyone will then be able to see where we stand and adjustments will be done if needed.
Prot Paladin should not get Eternal flame nerfed because they feel Holy is to powerful with it ( I don't agree) Especially since I see no Holy Paladins in arena. I see no nerfs to warrior healing or blizz's favorite class DK's healing.

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