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Hey all,

My partner and I are looking for a guild that we can raid and get into some battlegrounds. We've both been around WoW a long time, since vanilla days. I've got two 90's, though really only my priest (raid ready, holy, disc offspec that I need to learn to play effectively) and a bunch of nearly there alts. He has 5 level 90's, though they all need gear before being raid-ready.

We both work, and have kid commitments that take priority. We're looking for a guild of people that are relaxed, fun, "mature" in the sense of have a life outside of WoW, whatever that happens to be and can get along with people generally...

We like to chill on vent, and talk some proverbial... We'd prefer raiding weekend nights, but a Monday is doable too...

We're on Khaz'goroth, and you might be wondering why leave... well, the people we played with have dropped out of the game, or just aren't around as much. I can't quite seem to find the right guild to settle in with, so I'm looking further afield.

I play WoW to raid - without a great guild to raid with, WoW just isn't as much fun. So, if you know a guild that are looking for some raiders, on an oceanic server.. let us know.

Michelle and Alex.
Not sure many people check here. Probably best to see a specific servers forums. Theres 2 weekend guilds i know of on frostmourne(alliace server).

Mine does sat/sun 12-4pm, as i want my weekdays/ weekend nights free(only 1 week with 4-5 solid players, 3 bosses down, to be fair many hours wasted trying to find ppl to pug :P)
[Raiders of the Lost Ark] - a social Lvl 25 Guild that likes Raiding. Members enjoy Guild Perks, 3-man Heroic Scenarios, 5-man randoms, Raids (MoP, DS 8/8 & Old School), enchants & gems. Looking for mature new members of all lvls that enjoy hanging out with a good group of ppl.

We currently raid on Wednesday and will wait until we get some more regular raiders before deciding the 2nd night.

We are NOT Hard Core but we ARE progressive. We'll help you with your spec, gems, enchants and crafting of gear. All we ask in return is you show up on time and ready to raid. We drop Flasks and Food buffs each raid and raiders gets Guild Repairs on raid night.

Add me to your RealID list (Battle Tag: Fredgalielin#6654) with the note: Guild Recruit. Any member can invite.seeking MATURE members. This is NOT kindergarten. We're mature but fun. If you think 50 fart jokes is "where it's at", please don't apply.

I've always considered the guild to be a safe haven in a really bad world. Come in, sit back, relax, talk to some people, find some guildies to do a run with. Have fun. This is a game, after all...

We also have Old School Raids on Saturday, where we take a handful of people and run BT, Onyxia, ICC, etc.

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