Frost vs Unholy 5.3 and 5.4 PVE

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I've been using frost 2H and DW off and on for MoP so far and have maintained decent DPS for raiding. Recently I have been checking wowprogress and noticed most of the top DK's are dpsing as Unholy. Is this due to a higher level of gearing that the top players have or is it something to consider trying with my current gear? Also, going into 5.4 does it look like a worthwhile change? Just trying to find a way to squeeze a bit more dps out of my character. Any advice is appreciated, especially from any of those top players who use Unholy.
It's popular now because of feather, which is mind-blowingly amazing for unholy, but just very nice for frost.

In short it's going to come down to if we can get 2 of those 11k+ str trinkets and have them procced at the same time, probably. If not, normal unholy and 2h frost with 2 new trinkets will probably move ahead of festerblight with one of them + feather.

Impossible to say for certain at this point, though.
No expert here, but unholy is completely tied to trinkets and gaming diseases. Not my style. I am gearing up a ranged dps alt and will decide what I want to play as a main once 5.4 info becomes clearer. I think 5.4 is a ways away still.

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