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poderiam me ajudar aqui a calcular o DPS efetivo usando essa luva e skill morcegos ígneos? http://us.battle.net/d3/pt/item/magefist

aparentemente ela seria um SOJ para monstros normais

queria saber se seria viável ou não o uso dela

vlw ^-^

edit: Encontrei isso
Fire Element damage and Fire Skill damage
Video - http://youtu.be/9EATnnjClBk

EDIT: This section has been updated on 20 August 2013 because of new proven information about CoB mechanics and "wasted" damage. Details of CoB mechanics are near the end of this Topic. To minimize the discrepancy of the "wasted" damage, I had to modify the test such that the APS of having Enchantress, without gloves (APS = 1.0974) is almost the same as the APS of wearing gloves, without Enchantress (APS = 1.0980). The difference in APS was only 0.0006 APS, which leads to an insignificant difference in the "wastage". Both of these configurations should experience the same "wastage" in DPS.

Don't be confused by the tool-tip and description, the 2 types of gear stats are very different!

"Adds 6% to Fire damage" is added to the character sheet, and buffs the black damage component of the weapon damage directly. The type of element does not matter.

"Fire skills deal 20% more damage" is calculated from the character sheet, and only affects skills that output "damage as Fire". In our topic of interest, CoB deals Fire damage. After obtaining the "damage per hit" from our character sheet, CoB damage is calculated from half that value because 1 cast = 2 ticks, and the numbers we see are for each tick.

The glove used is:
Adds 2% to Fire damage
Fire skills deal 20% more damage
IAS 4%
Intel 21 (worth about 1% damage from a base of 2215 to 2236)

Test results:
-----------------No gloves, with Enchantress -------- With gloves, no Enchantress
Melee ------- 971 (Non-crit) ---- 2428 (Crit) -------- 1002 (Non-crit) --- 2504 (Crit)
"Melee/2" -- 485.5 (Non-crit) - 1214 (Crit) -------- 501 (Non-crit) --- 1252 (Crit)
max CoB -- 4645 (Non-crit) -- 11611 (Crit) -------- 5727 (Non-crit) --- 14317 (Crit)
multiplier --- 9.567 --------------- 9.564 -------------- 11.431 ------------- 11.433

For Melee,
Damage "with gloves" is about 3.2% higher than "no gloves", proving that "Adds 2% to Fire" goes into the character sheet, together with 21 Intel (worth about 1% increase in Intel). This is consistent with expectations, although we had extra 0.2%.. It may be due to the rounding of 971 or 1002, or both numbers.

For CoB multipliers,
If we divide "no gloves" melee damage by 2, we get a CoB multiplier of 9.56 (almost 10), consistent with the damage "wasted" and what we understand about CoB mechanics. When I added the glove, the CoB multiplier became 11.43. With the Magefist glove, multiplier increased by 19.5%, consistent with the Fire Skill stat. 19.5% on screen will show as 20%. The 0.5% could also be due to rounding error of the damage shown on screen.

CoB damage comparisons,
CoB damage "with gloves" is about 23.3% higher than "without gloves", for both Non-crit comparison as well as Crit comparison. We note from the Melee attacks that the glove brought 3.2% damage to the base calculation. The damage increase was expected to be 1.032 x 1.195 = 1.233 or 23.3%, exactly the same as the test outcome!

"Fire skills" clearly add significant damage output that scales with the CoB channel. "Add % damage as Element" can be of any element type, and affects the character sheet baseline calculations.

aumenta bastante o dano dos morcegos ígneos :O
Cara não vale a pena .....
é... Consegui essa luva e testei ela a tarde toda, não vale a pena mesmo! :/

O post de onde você tirou isso aí é muito completo, necronn. Mas mesmo com a magefist (que acrescenta 6%) não compensa as perdas de um luva craftada.

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