Enrage card bug

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I had a stormwind champion and a amani berserker out on the board, I played a cruel taskmaster and gave the buff to the berserker, at this time the mob became enraged+2 damage from the taskmaster and +1 from the champion. I had to trade the champion to clean the board and as soon as the champion died the berserker droped down to 4 damage, instead of 7. He was still enraged on hes "picture" but I guess he droped the enrage buff somehow and only had the buff from the taskmaster (I didn't check in detail).

Unfortunately that bug cost me the game. I just acquired the amani berserker, so this particular thing has only occured for me once
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As far as I know, this isn't actually a bug, but a result of the interesting way damage and +health effects work. Basically, what happened is your berserker went from 3 max health to 4 max health (with champion aura). He then went to 4 max health with 1 damage (from taskmaster), triggering enrage, since he was damaged. When the champion died, the berserker lost the +1 health. However, when you lose +health, you lose it from damage first.

So, he went from a 4 max health with 1 damage (so basically at 3 health) to just a 3 max health (since only damage greater than the +health lost carries over). Since he was just at max health, he wasn't damaged anymore, and wasn't enraged.

Now, the fact that his picture was still glowing like he was enraged does sound like a bug. However, the fact that he went back to 3 max health is, I believe, basically working as intended.
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