Is it just me or does the Warrior suck?

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Whenever I play the warrior it always seems I have the worst starting hands like, Execute/WW/Warsong Commander

I always seem to run out of cards even when my opponent is playing aggro and i'm playing conservative.

Armor Up! is practically useless.

Ooze turns the Warrior into a priest with no Heal.

Even though the Warior is good with charge, the Charge minions have so little health they can't survive one turn so your board is constantly wiped.

The only way i've been able to win with the Warrior is to play an early game deck and coin to make sure I can keep my board alive and sacrifice myself with weapons. It seems almost impossible to beat the Hunter as a Warrior, Misha is !@#$% to take down.

The Warrior just feels like the weakest class.
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Warrior is the weakest class IMO.

Lets hope their warrior review actually buffs it some.
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Yes, I have a really hard time with the warrior deck. Two of my daily quests right now require me to win on a warrior, and so I think I may just stop playing hearthstone until the wipe happens and those two quests get wiped. ;)
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Warriors are actually very strong, but rely very heavily on their weapon.

If your hand doesn't have a Fiery War Axe or Heroic Strike, it's probably worth tossing.
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They seriously are the most starting hand dependent class.
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warrior needs a little bit of a buff tbh.
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I'm running a enrage warrior deck using only some rares and I do agree that warriors are very hand dependent. If you don't start with an Axe is probly game.
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Part of the problem with Warriors is unlike other classes a lot of times they have to position themselves to setup 2 - for - Ones (Using two cards, or multiple resources to kill a single minion), or they rely too much on their creatures being damaged (Which makes removal that deals damage that much more effective, or a non-option against mages, Paladins, and occasionally rogues).

A great example of what I'm talking about is Whirlwind + Execute. While a combo that will pretty much kill any creature, it requires two cards. As opposed to a mage's Fireball, Frostbolt, or even just Hero Power the cards are independent of each other and efficiently deal with other cards.

Either A.) Warriors need a way to get more cards.

B.) Need a new Hero Power (Putting a minion into play with Taunt and like 0/3 would be awesome, to play with cards like Enrage, Cruel Task Master, and Armorsmith).

C.) Another way to draw multiple cards.
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Couldn't agree more. 2-for-1's is an issue with warriors. As to the point C, maybe change Battle Rage to draw 1 card + 1 for every damaged friendly character.

I really like the idea of that hero power taunt!
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2-for-1s aren't necissarily bad as long as they are strong enough, but the problem with warriors is that they have absolute terrible draw (complete dependence on battle rage) in addition to all the 2-for-1s. That combo is just bad design.
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It seems that warrior's ramp-up is slower than the other classes. Drawing cards faster is needed.
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Warriors and rogues were nerfed recently and are total crap now. Priests are good now though.
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As soon as you have less than 2 cards on your hand. You're boned.

I began playing as warrior, and got a lot of cards and a strong hand, but I cannot win any games in ranked matches anymore, and I have moved on to playing the other classes.. Which btw, all are extremely balanced.
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WTF... best class in the game! well maybe priest is better but still second best@!
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10/17/2013 08:58 PMPosted by Auraleus
2-for-1s aren't necissarily bad as long as they are strong enough, but the problem with warriors is that they have absolute terrible draw (complete dependence on battle rage) in addition to all the 2-for-1s. That combo is just bad design.

2-for-1s are frowned upon in most competitive TCGs. A large reason people don't play aura cards in Magic the Gathering (Outside of a few decks) is the fear of your creature being murdered the second you go to attach an aura.

The same goes for anything trying to remove stuff. If you're going to use two cards to deal with one thing (It doesn't matter how powerful the two cards interact) you've already set yourself down, and have one less card than your opponent does.

The warrior weapons are pretty solid forms of getting the most bang for your buck, but even they come with a drawback (Having to hurt yourself to kill creatures). Meanwhile Gladiator's Long Bow for Hunters, is probably the best weapon in the game. They get all the perks of the weapon with no downsides.

If a warrior could Whirlwind, and than have execute kill multiple wounded minons, than it would be Ok, because the card combo is killing multiple things at once. As opposed to just one assured kill.

I mean look at Mortal Strike. Really? No one in their right mind is going to play that card, because there other cards from other decks, that just flat out-class the Warrior's cards. IE Fireball.

I really like the design and flavor of a lot of cards from the warrior, but they need to be much more potent, if the Warrior class is going to be taken seriously. I mean come on Starsurge is 5 damage AND draw a card. A kill spell that cantrips, is CRAZY. The best thing we have compared to that is Mortal Strike, and I already explained why that card is awful.
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Exactly my thoughts. Whirlwind and all warrior cards are so situational and bad, especially the armor up skill.

need a buff imo.
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Blizzard said warriors had card draw issues, and now it's even worse since current battle rage is worse than the pre-buff battle rage...

Not really sure if they know what they're doing, or even play their own game :(

It's kind of sad, but they'll probably realize it sooner or later.
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I think priests are hands down the best decks out there, top-tier. However, I've played my Warrior deck the most today, and sure, it was a little rocky, but I've won probably 8 out of the last 10. And, it's so far the most fun I've had playing with any of the decks.

Of course personally, I find myself gravitating to the classes I played most in WoW, which I think is the idea.
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Weapons are probably a bit OP in this game, especially considering not every class can use a weapon (wut?).

Warriors also draw a card with basically 3/4 of their spells, and armor adds up quickly when playing against anyone not doing anything.

By far a bad class.
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