BLZBNTBGS80000011 Errors


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Sent :)

Here's hoping I can try the game sometime soon xD
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I keep getting the 12006 error but other programs can write on the registry just hearthstone cant what do i do?
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well i get this error Error: BLZBNTBGS8000000A, BLZBNTBGS80000022 (2006) i had follow the instructions and wont fix it
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Just sent my logs in
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Had that error code for the first time today, but having a lot of disconnects while playing the game. Really irritating! Done playing for today!
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Ok this is the 5-7th time I have had this happen to me at least...and at each time has been in an arena match that i have paid real money for...I get dc'd from cause of this and then get a lose cause of it. I have spent plenty of real money to battle in the arena and now i'm not even able to get the full effect of my arena due to this. Is there a way for you guys to check or a way for us users to to submit something that shows we are getting ripped cause of this of our real money? I really enjoy the game but do not want to keep putting money into it when i am not receiving my full money's worth.
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I was on the verge of winning an arena game when my game froze, when i quit and tried to get back in it showed me the BLZBNTBGS80000011 error. When I finally got back in it showed that I had a loss, fix soon plz ty
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Mine errors is: BLZBNTAGT00000843
and it leads to this link:

I did everything that said here: restarted, deleted and again installed hearthstone without any success and my firewall is off BTW

Are there any needed drivers for hearthstone that I dont have maybe?
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Error: BLZBNTBGS80000021

Got this error, battle net unavailable/could not connect
How do i get the gamelogs to send?
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omg im so piss and annoying everytime there a update the game get ruin and i cant even play dum message shows up BLZBNTAGT0000083F
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i even follow the instruction to delete the agent.db still the same problem SMH
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Sent the email *Not* too long ago, hopefully this will get fixed soon,...
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Sent. Please help!
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i've preaty much done everything i can except format my hd and still get BLZBNTBTS00001 error
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I hope this will be fixed for the upcoming worldwide Open Beta. I can't install at all.
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BLZBNTBGS8000000A (3006)

email sent
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another one

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Is anything ever going to be done to rectify this issue? Seems to be very old with no progress being made.
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When ever i try and login to the app, i receive the following error:
Error: BLZBNTBGS80000011 (73)
This means that i can't play any of my Blizzard games and even when i completely delete app, the World of Warcraft 'login servers are currently busy'.

My friend can log in fine on the same computer so it must be my account even though the Blizzard live chat was unable to solve the problem. The problem seems to have just randomly occurred after working fine. I have tried to login on three different computers but no luck.

I would really like a fix so i can play Hearthstone as currently it has been a waste of money buying packs and spending weeks of play time in WoW.
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I have the same error, the number is a little different, and it changes from time to time but it is still the same error. Cannot connect to battlenet patch... tryed to uninstall/reinstall the game but now I cannot even use the hearthstone setup. so no game for me.
P.S. cannot even log on to battlenet. The app is "updating agent" .... the bar goes to about 35% ....stays there for 1 min ...then the error hits.
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