Top Ranked Hearthstone Players - Pre-Wipe


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Today, we’d like to share with you our top ranked players from the first part of the closed beta test. Many of you have been participating in Play mode and giving us important feedback on things like matchmaking and rankings – but these players have even gone the extra mile and worked their way up the ladder to become one of our top ranked players in Hearthstone!

While we continue to work on Play mode and our ranking system, we wanted to share this little bit of info (and perhaps a teeny bit of bragging rights) for those of you that have put in the time and effort into helping us test Play mode before the closed beta wipe. We greatly appreciate your efforts and we hope to make Play mode engaging and meaningful for everyone with your continued feedback. Take a moment and pat yourselves on the back – you deserve it!
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North America Region

1. Vyy
2. Paingod
3. DontHexMeBro
4. Vatenkeist
5. monk
6. Kithros
7. StrifeCro
8. Azureon
9. Drakolich
10. MomKnowsBest
11. Xor
12. aischarm
13. zephyr77
14. SoulCrusher
15. Jeebus
16. Kithus
17. apDrop
18. Psycobill
19. Drez
20. Scotsman
21. dnanzxu
22. Toberman
23. reynad
24. Blitz
25. blueblurr
26. spOh
27. ColdandUgly6
28. Rotspanier
29. Gyll
30. Cecil
31. Knight
32. Eromezis
33. Spyder
34. Sylas
35. TheTrasher
36. wpScraps
37. jotto
38. Shinron
39. Wingsofdeath
40. Wildface
41. Snig
42. Softening
43. Weeble
44. Smuft
45. Froggish
46. Fex
47. BlackStoneN
48. Trump
49. Dgtljin
50. Warbaker
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Europe Region

1. ExoFry
2. Blackmoor91
3. Wuaschtsemme
4. Twi
5. ThaBaws
6. CeroX
7. kazabi
8. sUrb4n
9. Pife
10. KioGIko
11. Draccy
12. SuiQ
13. Gamesamurai
14. Crux
15. Kara
16. Gothiques
17. martenJ
18. Dots
19. Inossatam
20. CondeDupu
21. peffko
22. Diney
23. Zargar
24. Frozed
25. Banjo
26. minibArb
27. welmu
28. Blurren
29. Savjz
30. tehstronk
31. Lanlin
32. ryo
33. XopBaT
34. thecheck
35. Weebey
36. Logi
37. Kharan
38. Vendetta
39. Ekop
40. Rea
41. mograine
42. ApplePie
43. Tiber
44. Inkalm
45. Tarrok
46. Davdas
47. Murdock
48. Suezay
49. reallytrol
50. Chiar
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Where are Kripparian and Trump?
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Trump is 48...

I assume that is a ranked list.. I don't think Kripp or Trump play much ranked.
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Trump is 48th. Considering he plays mostly Arena, not bad. From what I hear Kripp is not all that good. But that is only hearsay I don't really watch him.
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Could we get a similar list for arena play as well?
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gg everyone
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Lol, had I known this, I would of stopped conceding in the name of testing out certain things. Lol after going 80% win rate, I must of started quiting about 25 times, lol + I quit everytime I played a rogue about a week ago, must of quit another 15-20 times.
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Not bad, but to be the first is so easy when i am not in this beta. :P
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I played against a lot of those and I was only diamond =( closed beta was lacking in population.
Gratz to Sylas at 34th. He's a great player.
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Constructed literally means nothing.
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10/02/2013 12:49 PMPosted by Conniption
Constructed literally means nothing.

good one, haha
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Wow 16th... I'll take it!
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