Nerf beast synergies.


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I have done long posts about Hunter Beast synergies and about how terrible they are. The only synergy that you are having trouble is the fact that UtH works with Beasts. The other synergies that are used in UtH decks are a 1/1 creature with +1 Att to Beasts and Card Draw from playing Beasts when Buzzard is in play. These and other Beast synergies are borderline playable due the fact that most Beasts are inheritly worse creatures than the ones you can get with the similar cost.
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The reason hunters are so freaking OP is because they can get a ton of cards out in the first 3-4 rounds that all synergize with each other. Every hunter seems to play the same deck. Oh look, its round 3 and they have 7 minions on board, who are all buffing each other so now their 2 mana beast has 4/4. It gets so old.

Maybe its different at master level, but in the scrub levels, its the easiest deck to win with. I have a priest deck (that everyone cries about) and they overwhelm it crazy fast. Its the only class that consistently beats it. If a deck build that requires NO RARES can consistently overwhelm a deck that everyone complains is OP... doesn't that make it OP as well?
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I made a post about this issue before. As a Warlock, if I don't luck my way and get hellfire card early it's certain loss.

Way too powerful deck
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I made a post about this issue before. As a Warlock, if I don't luck my way and get hellfire card early it's certain loss.

Way too powerful deck

This whole post is a big irony because one of the hard counters to the deck are Warlock Aggro decks...
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Honestly my problem is just the fact that it buffs their health on top of their damage with certain monsters. I rather it just buff just health or just damage. It sucks when you have an AOE that'll wipe their frontline and next thing you know it won't anymore....
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I made a post about this issue before. As a Warlock, if I don't luck my way and get hellfire card early it's certain loss.

Way too powerful deck

I don't think hellfire will help you when he plays all his cards and kills you before you can play it...
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Just nerf the living !@#$ out of that garbage. I see people CONSTANTLY complaining about priests and mind control. MC wins games after like 2-3 turns. Try having 26 life and the hunter at 7 and then hes like omfg i drew the one card i need. Spam spam spams spam unleash the hounds windfury windufyr WIIIN. GG noob counter that with your instant spells oh wait.

PS Sharpshooter i hate your hunter deck so %^-*ing much.
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After playing the same deck back to back, with board control in my favor until turn 6 and then losing 27+ hp with no possible way to counter 2 wolves, 2 dragonhawks, a buzzard and owl to silence my taunt. All in a single turn.

Unleash is BS.
Stop trying to defend this crap. Lose the charge or increase costs.
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there are 2 ways to play the hunter deck:
the first is playing the cards you have in your hand, when you have enough beasts out you can just use Unleash The Hounds and win
this is the cheap way (since you need almost no rare cards to play it effectively)
it's a deck that stomps most low level constructed decks because it can just overrun them (anyone remembers this card in MTG?)
this is the "counterable" version of the deck
there are many ways to do it, mainly taunts, heals, aggressive trading since all the cards that make this combo usable are pretty damn squishy
the problem comes when you play vs a good hunter
a good hunter will have very little creatures in his deck, he will go for the control into combo playstyle
he'll abuse the "trapbow" (the one that gains durability every time a trap springs) and try to keep the board clean until he can use his combo

this deck is much harder to beat because you don't see the cogs of the trap until it's set, and when it's set you're dead
it's also a much more expensive deck to create
and a lot less forgiving on mistakes
to beat it you need to either out nuke it, before he can play his combo (because this deck will control the board, but still take some damage while trading with creatures) or just overrun him and force him to play his combo before he's 100% ready

the first deck is really strong early on, but is easy to counter
the second deck is really hard to play well (one control spell used wrong CAN mean defeat) but is really hard to beat when played perfectly (sounds fair to me)

to all the people saying "traps counter it": any decent hounter will have flare and save it in his hands if he's against a class that has traps
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