Error 10200249 - Unable to make purchases


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This is exactly what is happening to my friend except he has his account like full blown blocked with parental controls
12/24/2013 09:12 AMPosted by Sloth

I tried setting up the Parental Control until the point where I lost my temper:

1- Every time I create a parental control account, it gives out the error "Invalid E-mail address", the same e-mail I have for my account.
2- Tried Using a different e-mail didn't work.
3- Tried "Retrieve Parental Controls E-mail" that maybe I installed it and forgot, but said the e-mail isn't valid.
4- Tried going for contact support, kept sending me in a loop in where I create a parental control account and/or retrieve my parental controls.
5- Chat support / Ticket support / Phone support for the parental control help are all off :).

Blizzard, when you created this system, let alone this error/problem happening as well. Didn't you think of the idea of MAYBE allow people to be able to contact your support in-case any issue regarding parental control would happen?
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I have the same problem. I'm pretty sure my account has never been under parental supervision.
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Parental controls are stopping me from purchasing packs, but I have the parental controls set to allow that. Why would this happen? I did all allow 30 minutes as the Parental control page said to.
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Hi, I tried to buy 7 packs with paypal and it said an interaction is busy but nothing happened so I thought: "Let's try it again but instead of typing in my paypal password, I'll type in my password". Because of that it failed and every time I try to buy packs with real money it says I can't because i have parental control.
Kinda weird since I don't have parental control activated on my account...

Any solution?

Thanks in regard
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I have sent a report to Blizzard and no replies whatsoever after 24 hours.

What the hell, Blizz. Please do something, we're your paying customers...
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I have never had parental controls set up and now i can't get rid of them and Blizzard refuses to respond. Really never had so much of an issue giving someone $50.
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still doesnt work for me either..still get parental control message..had no problem buying packs couple weeks ago..
i never made a parental control account and cant even if i wanted to
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I'm having the same error message but I've checked and parental controls are NOT online!! ._.
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Total bull!@#$, I can only make ONE purchase per Internet connection

I connect at home, make first purchase, then it's the error
I connect with my mobile inet, same
I connect at uni, same
I connect at my friends place, same

So, something is messed up with how your client handles this. Fixing money transfers should be your top priority lol.
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Indeed, only one purchase.

After entering the CVV-code it was immediatly authenticated and i got a legendary card and my purchase.

Now after entering the CVV-code the authentication box dissappears. After leaving the 'arena-tab' and reentering the box is there but is stuck on authenticating.

10 Minutes later when i close the game, restart, and open the arena-tab it just says my purchase has timed out..

Also using VISA.

EDIT: parental controls are disabled completely
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I'm getting an other bug: PAYSAFECARD???
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I'm a 37 year old woman, I can promise you nobody has ever set parental controls on my account. I also am getting an error saying I have them. I tried entering my email (ONLY email I've ever had) and it says no parental controls attached to that email. I try using my account name, and it says it sent an email.... no email arrives. What's going ON?
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sick of this issue
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alright this needs to get fixed and fixed soon, its obviously a known issue and nothing is being done about it.
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Well ok, if you don't want my moneyz then fine.

Srsly guys, fix maybe? I'm not event mad, i'm just tired
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I got the same thing with ur payment method. Every time I tried to purchase pack or arena ticket, I only got sentence " we were unable to process ur mobile purchase " . Do u guys have any ideas ? I m using iPad air. I play arcane legend, too and never got same thing with using cc to buy items or gold.
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is anyone else here having a problem with receiving parental control emails? it keeps saying it sent it to my account but when i check nothing's there
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I'm forget Security Question & Answer.

I need password or reset-password to my email.

[removed personal information. If you require account assistance, please contact Customer Support.

-The Moderation Team
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