Suggestion for Shield Block

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Hi Devs,

Shield block needs to cost 2 instead of 3. It should be used as a clutch spell to help save my skin because I have been attacking minions with my weapon. It wouldn't be more OP at a 2 mana cost, but would fit a better niche of a situational spell that is a "trick" up your sleeve.

At 3 mana, it is too clunky.

I think this change would be a quality of life improvement without making it OP.

What do you guys think?
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2 mana for five armor and drawing a card would get warriors harassed more then the current Battle Rage gets them harassed. As it stands it is fine at 3.
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I forgot to add, I wrote this with the understanding that battle rage will get nerfed. 3 mana a should draw you max of 4 cards, and it is likely the devs may decide on even just 3 cards.

When BR gets nerfed, shield block needs to go down in cost. Would you agree?
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What if instead of drawing a card, it gave your hero taunt for as long as the armor stayed up? Basically allow the warrior to tank hits for his minions, like any good Prot Warrior would.
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That would be interesting... It'd be a suicide warrior deck. Sounds perfect for a "thornmail" card that damages minions when they attack your hero :D
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I don't agree with the suggestion simply because Armor Up! is two mana and Shield Block is inherently stronger than that. It has annoyed me in the past that Shield Block is slightly unwieldy and I only seem to be able to make use of it when I'm already ahead, but I'm not sure reducing the mana cost for its effect is the answer.
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2 cards or I aint even bothering to use it... feels useless - 5 additional HP aint going to win me the fight...
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I've given it a whirl with Shield Slams. 4 mana and 2 cards for 5+ damage and a card draw seems pretty reasonable, but it requires actually drawing both parts of the combo. I think it's in a decent spot right now, though. 3 mana is just about right for a non-useless cycling card.
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i would like the shield block to add a durability point to your weapon
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