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Tracking on Turn 1 is ok against some classes. If you suspect that you are going to face super aggro such as Warlock or Paladin you should have early removal. If you don't have that in hand you need it by Turn 2 pretty much.
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Bad ponder? This card is better than preordain most of the time. It's a mini-intution. It's easy to find a time where you have 1 mana/crystal free. cantrips are solid in most games, and this is a cornerstone of the hunter combo deck, where you absolutely need 1 copy of a card (you mulligan basically all cards that aren't tracking for that card)
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Completely agree with the above. I'd say it's one of the strongest cards for hunter. Thinning your deck and making it far more consistent is never bad, especially for the most combo-y class in the game. With hunter, you want very specific solutions at very specific times more than any other class. Comparing with Magic, the percentage of cards thinned is even higher. There, tracking would read something like "look at the top 6 cards of your deck, choose 1, discard the rest" for 1 mana. If this existed in Magic, it'd be an auto-include in every top tournament deck that could even remotely support it. It's absurd virtual card advantage that's generally better than anything else the Druid has to offer.

Newer players to CCG's often feel worse about being milled than they really should. Chances are, you likely won't see those discarded cards in your game anyway. You want to maximize your chances to win, or at least be in the best possible position, *now*. Nothing else matters.
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