Far Sight [What's it's Purpose]

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I'm having trouble wrapping my head around Far Sight. Maybe since it's classified as an Epic right now it feels like it should be more game changing than it is and I'm looking too much into this. It's not really card draw since it's one for one. The mana reduction on the card drawn kinda make it the reverse of Overload. Like making a few small payments before you can cast the spell. Perhaps it's considered a "deck purifier"? Since the mana you pay to cast it essentially goes into the card drawn, it's not going to waste. You are just getting the cards you want to draw faster. However, since most balanced decks have spells that cost 3 or less mana, the chances that you are wasting mana increase.

Has anyone used Far Sight to great affect or is it universally considered a crap card? If so, what needs to be don to increase it's effectiveness?
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Far Sight has some purposes, but I do feel it's too little.

1. Activating minions spells (Questing Adventure, Mana addict, Auctioneer...)
2. Being able to play a 7 mana card at the 4º round (only if you are luck)

But it could have other effect, something related to card draw (more than one) or something like spy into your enemy's hand.
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It is a deck thinning card. Not a particularly good one though. Maybe dropping the cost and reduction to 2 would be sufficient. If it were 1 and 1 it'd probably be too good, because then it'd be essentially equivalent to having a 28 card deck not including interaction from auctioneer and the like.
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What are you people saying? Far sight is the best card ever.
Whatever turn you use it on, you get a card for 3 mana less.

Lets say you get a "bad draw" of wind fury, now that is a free wind fury.
Now that lets you play something like Rocketeer, add free wind fury, and you still have 5 mana to play with! It's a better card draw then something like Novice Engineer, which puts a weak minion on field and draws a card.

Then there are the times when you draw Fire Elemental, Earth Elemental, Sen'jin Shieldmasta, hell anything useful, bringing the cost down by 3, allowing you to play with a lot more mana on future turns.
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Fury is correct, it is one of the far more versatile shaman cards. though i don't like the Rocketeer windfury example as i play shaman control rather than aggro.

Imagine in a control deck, you far sight , and get hex. This is now a free hex you can play whenever you want.

There are obviously less than ideal situations (getting a 0-1 drop), but the benefits outweigh the disadvantages
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Hummmm, I see.

I can understand now the value of that card.

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Id also love to add that it works so well with the overload, you have too much overlaod this turn ? thats alright you have 1 or 2 cards to play for almost free,
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Far sight is kind of the reverse of overload. You get rid of mana this turn to play something for cheaper the next turn. Overload cards works the other way, you get something good for cheap mana cost this and "pay" the rest of the cost next turn.
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It's a deck thinning card. Same purpose as loot horder or novice engineer.
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Maybe it would be better if it could also remove the overload effects if you draw a card wich cost less then 3 mana.
For example a 2 mana 2 overload spell would then become a 0 mana 1 overload spell?
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The first time you play Ragnaros on turn 5, you'll figure out what Far Sight does.
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Far Sight may actually be used if it let you look at the top two cards of your deck and draw one with the -3 cost effect.

As it stands right now it is among the most useless cards in the game.
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I think if it were to give 3 overload an cost 0, it may be more playable
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If farsight added 3 overload next turn by reducing the cost of any card by 3 currently in your hand it would be a little better maybe.

At least that way the play you wish to make is immediate and it doesnt make it rather susceptible to bad RNG luck draws.
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Farsight, in my opinion, is by far most useless card in the game. You play (toss) a card that cost 3, and get a card that cost 3 less!?!? If you are lucky enough, you will draw a card that cost 3 or more, and then card is just useless, in other cases, card is utterly useless. If you have 2 farsights in deck, its like playing with 28 cards in deck.
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and i forgot to mention that this card is epic!?!?!
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100 dust
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Farsight would be good if it was based off rouge preparation. I suggest:

Farsight (3)
Choose a card in your hand it costs 2 less when played. Draw 1 card.

That way you can use strategy and pick your Ragnar and play it turn 6 and also get 1 draw. I say lower the -2 mp cost to 2 because you choose the card and preparation is a -3 but only to spells.

As is farsight is unreliable and at the mercy of the deck and only of some use if you have a high average mp cost deck which most shaman do not. Any change to farsight would make it more playable.
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Far sight is useless if you have a lot of useless cards in your deck. However, like many Shaman cards, it's deceptively powerful in the right deck.
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Turn 3 use Far Sight. Draw a Lightning Storm.

Sweet, a free lightning storm.

Turn 9 draw Malygos

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