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Currently, I feel like Armor Up! is a little strong. I play Mage and Warrior only, and when I play warrior all i need to do to win literally any match up is to play a card, then cast armor up. at the end of a game vs a shaman, I had 24 hit points with 12 armor, leading to more than what I even started with.

Just 2c, its very easy to win as a warrior it seems
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Sounds like you don't play anyone good.
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A good player will put enough pressure on you that he:

1. Out-damages your Armor Up; and/or
2. Makes you play enough cards to not have the two extra mana at the end of the turn.

Armor Up is just fine, and it can be very useful in certain situations. Against a skilled player, it will not make or break the game. It is absolutely in balance with every other Player ability.
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The players who think Armor up is, "Just Fine", are players milking it because it's OP, at the moment.
Now, if you knew, you were playing a Warrior in advance? I would agree, it's balanced.
However you don't, it takes a deck build with focus on early, low cost, damage, that builds up more powerful, with charge cards and limited taunt to defeat a skilled warrior.
Or a pure attack/spell/ranged deck, with limited minions.

Other card builds stand, a slim chance to be a skilled warrior.
Certain classes match up better, with them.
Classes are too wildly imbalanced in the game. This is a card game not WoW.
Sure they need a different flavor, but not to the point where they are unbalanced or OP.
Take Rogues.
I have played against Rogues, over twenty times. Each time I get excited because I dominate them as a Warlock. I have never lost, always pretty much easy.
Not because of my skill. Because of the Rogue class themselves.
Warriors on the other hand. I can only beat bad ones, never players, who have a basic idea of what they are doing.

Armor up, is more than a little strong, it's OP.
Classes are too wildly inconsistent, both OP and under powered.
This is a card game not WoW. Classes need flavor but not to the point it hurts the game.
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I am quite disappointed by the Armor mechanic, honestly. It is just a generic way to increase your overall health beyond 30, and this just seems cheap and unimaginative to me. If it was made so spells and abilities could get through Armor and strike life points instead, this could help balance the idea a bit more. It would actually add to the mechanics of deck building, having to make sure that you were coming up with a counter to Armor and other abilities that the several classes in game use.

Earlier today I was playing against a Warrior that at one point had his life at 23 or so, and he had 15 Armor on top of it. This is essentially now a character that has 38 life, not to mention the 7 I had already take off of him. I was able to get him to run his deck out and Fatigue himself to death, but had it not been for that, he surely would have won by attrition.
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I was expecting anything like, magic damage ignore the armor. instead armor is just another name for HP.

this is a pretty cheap mechanic IMO
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Armor up is actually one of the weakest class abilities due to the fact it does nothing to advance your game plan or board state.

The Shaman puts totems into play which can heal minions, improve spells, attack, and taunt for you.

The Paladin puts a 1/1 into play which can be used to kill other creatures, or be the focus of buffs.

The Mage deals one damage to any target (IMO the best hero power).

The Hunter shoots someone for 2.

The Rogue equips a dagger that can be used to attack other minions or kill players.

The Priest Heals for 2, which is vastly superior to armor due to the fact he can heal his own units after they attack and kill something.

The Druid attacks and gains armor, very similar to the Rogue, but safer.

The Warlock generates card advantage to play more cards.

The Warrior gains two armor which can only be used to stall (Unless you're playing shield slam, but that's a really gimicky card.)

The warrior hero power probably needs to be looked at again, because at least every other class advances their game plan, or helps them turn the tide of combat. Warrior just sits there and goes, "Gee I hope you don't drop something that's going to completely overpower me."
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Anybody who thinks Armor Up is OP is high. Just because you lost a game where the warrior ended up with a large amount of armor doesn't mean it is broken; it just means you never established any sort of advantage and got outplayed. Comparing directly to the others:

Druid: 1 armor and 1 damage that can be used against any target (barring presence of taunt). Advantage druid due to flexibility.

Hunter: 2 damage that cannot be avoided in any way, but only targets the enemy hero. Direct counter, even match.

Mage: 1 damage on any target, not affected by taunts. Huge advantage due to flexibility and not being damaged back.

Paladin: Summon 1/1 minion. The paladin is NEVER unable to play a minion, and weak as that minion is it can be buffed (which paladins do well). This one is kind of an apples to oranges comparison, but I'll call it a wash.

Priest: 2 heal on any target. Emphasis on ANY. You can even heal enemy minions to remove enrage, or trigger card draw if you have the 1/3 priestess out. The only advantage warrior has in this comparison is the ability to armor up at full health. Massive advantage to priest due to flexibility.

Rogue: 1/2 weapon. Plus is flexibility of attacking any target (barring taunts), minus is taking damage back from minions. I'll give warrior slight advantage here after the rogue nerf, but very slight.

Shaman: Totems. More apples to oranges. Totems are very nice, their one disadvantage being randomness. That randomness can keep the enemy on his toes, and there is huge synergy with buffs. Advantage shaman.

Warlock: This one is more like apples to kumquats. On-demand card draw that damages yourself is very meta; it can be a huge advantage and it can also put you into a dangerous situation if overused. I'll call this one a wash as they can both be in situations where their ability is useless, but lifetap is much more likely to cause a swing in momentum.
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I could imagine armor up! being almost as good as priest heal if you would have a reason to hit the warrior, but luckily you dont. you can just build board presence and oneshot him when you gain the board. Mean while the warrior can hope to get a good card to help him on the board and delay the inevitable. I really like armor up since it give more of a sword and board kind of play stile to warriors, with is cool imo.

Kirbydude65 put it perfectly.
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Armor Up! is a bit more powerful than the other classes abilities. With Warlock's ability you can get a Card, but it is counterbalanced by a lose of life. Armor Up, should still give the +2 Shield, but I think it should give a -1 penalty vs Spell damage.
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It's not even as good as the priest one. Priest can heal the minions back up which is more important than being able to go above 30. You can also counter it with hunter hero ability and just 2 them every time they armor up. The hero abilities are all pretty balanced except for the rogue which sucks.
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10/26/2013 09:41 AMPosted by sovereign12
Armor Up! is a bit more powerful than the other classes abilities. With Warlock's ability you can get a Card, but it is counterbalanced by a lose of life. Armor Up, should still give the +2 Shield, but I think it should give a -1 penalty vs Spell damage.

still doesn't advance your board plan. The ability needs to actually do something to assist you in gaining some board presence. Unless you're nullifying SEVERAL points of damage each turn (Than it would just be obnoxious) it's not doing anything to help you win the game.

Stalling is not a reason to play any card.
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Armor up is not overpowered. Warriors actually kind of need this spell, this would be because they have only one good card draw and that is battle rage. Warriors need something to keep their enemies from completely dominating them before they draw something good. Probably the reason warriors have so many 0-1 mana spells. They Need armor if they intend on going into the late game if they don't have board control or a few big taunts. Not to mention to gain cards with battle rage they need their minions to be wounded for it to give you any cards. Pretty much every class has some card draw spell or minion (Like the hunter's starving buzzard). Its not even like everyone plays warrior either. I don't see what your complaining about. If a warrior gets massive armor and you can't remove it, its your own fault for letting the armor stack up to that amount. The only massive armor bonus warriors get its shield block. If you argue that the armorsmith gives massive armor bonuses, its only one armor per attack and for it to get massive you have to attack one of their minions.
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