Ironbark protector.

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Costs 8 with 8 att and 8 health. Was thinking of throwing a druid deck togeather for my daily and then i see it and it made me wonder, is this thing to good for its cost? Im not screaming op or anything but, unless your a mage or shaman who can poly/hex it, this thing can be a pain in the !@# to remove. What are you guy's thoughts on him?
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great card. Using it in my basic deck
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aparently it is the biggest taunter in the game. Great for druids I think. Offensive taunt lategame..
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Dropping it late game will ruin your opponent's day unless they have a way to clear. Beware of classes like priests that can take it for their own use though.

I like it especially for late game if both players are card starved. If you pull Ironbark and they get stuck with cheaper minions you can tear them apart pretty quick because it's a taunt and they have no choice but to smash their minions against it.
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Seems like a good card, but I have not had much luck with it back when I had 2 in my deck and could usually play one on turn 8. My opponents nearly always had a way around it. I prefer the Druid of the Claw, as it is more versatile and you can use your hero power on the same turn (if also turn 8), or drop another minion. Other times it is drawn very early and you have a dead card for 5+ turns, reducing your options for making more efficient plays.

Also, often turn 8 would finally arrive but it would be better to use a spell or my hero power to kill off things immediately. Then turn 9, again, better to use a spell of some kind to finish something off, and he would just get stuck in my hand. Maybe it was just bad luck, but the first 20 or so games after the wipe with the Druid deck, I had 2 in my deck and I can only remember a couple times where it did more than just waste my turn. Most of the time it was silenced or killed with a single removal spell.

I'm a much bigger fan of having 2 medium minions than 1 big one on the battlefield. If the opponent hasn't used hex, poly, assassinate, execute, etc. etc., you can be sure they will have it by then since they will have gone through 15 cards or so by turn 8.
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Most 8 drops are scary, ironbark is no exception. 8 mana is more than most decks want to commit to a single minion though, if you're going to play it you have to make sure the rest of your cards support it.
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I love this card. I also have a Ancient of War, as of thus I don't hesitate to use an Ironbark as a pseudo focus to get out the Polymorphs, Hexes, Curruptions etc.

Bar that, 8/8 taunt for 8 is pretty worth in my opinion. :D
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It is great, but it runs into the same problem a lot of cards that expensive do. You can drop it and think “It’s a beast if it doesn’t get cleared!”, but then you have to think of how it compares to things like Canarius, Ragnaros, Yesera. All cost within 1 and A.) Do something before your opponents has a chance to clear them, and B.) Are even MORE of a beast if they don’t get cleared.

Great card if you don’t have legendries. Not as good as legendries for similar cost.
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I don't use it simply because in the highest bracket you will run into a lot of priests and you don't want them mind controlling this thing as it can be a total pain when you are lower on cards late in the game.

Great verse everything else but just terrible against priests.
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Playing any big minion is risky. MC, poly, execute, assasinate, naturalize, etc... The risk has to be worth the reward.
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Ironbark is good enough to win arena by itself moderately often. obviously it is much worse in constructed against low cost removal and stronger lategame legendaries.
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The control Druid decks posted in these forums directly counter priests, everyone needs to quit worrying about them. Faerie dragon, both drakes, chillwind yeti's, and druids of the claw are priest killers, and they also happen to all fit very well in control Druid decks.

As far as Ironbark protector, he doesn't perform as well as the Ancients. I'd much rather spend 1 less mana for a 5-10 taunt then an 8-8 taunt, and a 5-5 creature that draws you 2 cards is also much better.

Both Ironbark protector and Ancient of War are built for one thing, baiting out your opponents hard removal before you drop Rag and Ysera. However if they don't have hard removal for them, they will be forced to at least use 2 or 3 cards for your 1. Ancient of Lore however can be used in any control Druid deck with great effect; Ancient of War is for your more late game focused deck.

Ironbark Protector isn't a bad card by any means, It's just that you get more bang for your buck with the Ancients.
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I would say that in any decks that have Ysera, Rag etc, and you don't have those cards. Fill them in with Ironbark protectors.

I've actually had quite a bit of success with them.
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I have had the worst luck with Ironbark Protectors

When I had two in my deck, at least one would be there to clog my opening hand, and by round 3, I usually had both in my hand.

Dropped them for 2x Druid of the Claw, those guys are beasts (literally)
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It's alright, but it's no more stronger than any giant except it taunts, which you can give to giants as well

2x0 Cost Molten Giants into Sunfury protector
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It taunts, and it wipes your entire crew when you try to kill it. As a mage that gets unlucky with my polymorphs, this card is really angering me. Blizzard has to fix this card ASAP because it is truly the most OP !@#$ I've ever seen. If anything it should cost 10/10 jewels because of how much of a monster it is to remove from the board, and if you fail, you lose. I'm sorry, but I'm calling OP and this needs to be fixed.
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it's great in Arena and basic decks with no legendaries/epics, i however do not run it nor do most high end druid decks.
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This card actually is bad because of BGH AoW is much better
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This is an awesome card. I run a druid deck with 2 Ironbark Protectors, and 2 Ancients of War, while one or two of them might fall victim to hard removal almost right away, the others will survive and give your opponent hell, especially if you use a faceless manipulator to clone one of them.
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