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Hey im new to the game, and love what I have seen so far of the druid play style. I am hoping I can get some help with my deck, as I am losing like crazy with the one I have made. I have tried to follow some of the advice found here. Here is what my deck looks like so far, playing entirely F2P. I waited until I had 500g from quests, got 5 decks, (got Ysera in one and squealed like a starstruck piglet) disenchanted everything that was not druid or was not in any of the deck lists I have seen here. Used the dust to craft the rest here. I am all out of dust and gold now, but I am hoping to get some help figuring out what else is a must have for this deck, and what i might be able to replace it with using basic cards until I have enough to be able to craft it.

Claw x2
Naturalize x2
Wrath x2
Acidic Swamp Ooze x2
Ironbeak Owl x2
Healing Touch x2
Ironfur Grizzly x2
Silverback Patriarch x2
Bite x2
Swipe x2
Keeper of the Grove x2
Starfall x2
Starfire x2
Ironbark Protector x2
Azure Drake x1
Ysera x1

That is what I have been able to get so far. I am also aware that I am more than likely not playing the deck properly, so any general guide or tips for how to play a control druid deck would be appreciated :)
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I think someone who got experiance with better cards than me (anyone) can answer this better than I will.

remove naturalize, owl, the gorilla, perhaps bite, perhaps one starfall
perhaps add druid of the claw and similiar cards like that, perhaps spellbreakers
perhaps add spellpower minions and add gadgetztan auctioneer
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I like starfall and the Ironbeak Owl. However, you don't need both the owl and keeper of the grove - since the Keeper comes with a silence. I had originally put both in my decks, but after more experience, I'm finding them to be redundant.

They both help with keeping the other player's minions under control. I don't like naturalize quite as much because it is too highly situational. Naturalize can cost you card control if it is used incorrectly. With the other cards that you have, I would think that naturalize would be a good card to drop and pick up additional minions.
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thanks :D .. i will take out Naturalize and the owls for sure. any ideas on what I should replace them with? I have been playing priest and paladin recently because I win way more than i lose with the decks i have for both of them right now. But i long to play my druid and win!

If anyone else has any tips I would appreciate it :) What I would love is for a seasoned control druid to post their idea of the ideal deck, and then another deck filling in the rare cards with others that are easier to obtain. So that me and other druid players could have a deck to start with that works well early on. and to have another deck to aspire to, and slowly add to as we get cards.

Right now since im playing entirely F2P, i make 60 gold a day from playing crafteds, and 40g for the quest. So I have been buying a deck a day. I am thinking of disenchanting all the cards I have gotten so far again to craft more cards I need for my druid deck, but I want to make sure im crafting the right ones! I will wait a bit to see if anyone chimes in with a little more detail :)

thanks for the tips so far!
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Whilst I know you're focusing on a control deck, due to the lack of taunt and mid game minions, I would recommend sticking the two Mark of the Wilds in your deck. All in all a nice, cheap card that buff up your minions to possibly match the 3-6 mana cost minions other plays may be throwing out. Savage Raw may also be something to consider, would synergies very well with them dream cards you'll be pulling out, or as a quick execute maintain board control.

Just some thoughts from your friendly Puffles. Personally I play a very different type of druid deck that has a very successful win rate, if you're interested it's on the front page of the druid forums. But due to my different play style, realistically I have no idea if my suggestions would help your deck :P

Best of luck.
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Claw x2
Acidic Swamp Ooze x2
Swipe x2
Keeper of the Grove x2
Starfire x2

These above are pretty much standard in 95% of Druid decks because they are so great, so you are fine with those.

Naturalize, you definitely don't want more than 1, if any. Some people like it, I don't.

Bite is good, but I don't use it as I prefer a more minion based deck and Claw is better suited to my style since it can be used right at the beginning to kill Pint, Juggler, all sorts of stuff they like to coin with on their first turn and Bite cannot be used since it costs 4. If something needs 4 or 5 damage done to it, I already have Starfire, Swipe, and Starfall and don't need Bite.

The Owls you shouldn't need because you have 2 KotGs. A Spellbreaker is a lot better than an Owl because it is a a 4/3 minion for 4 which is not bad at all, so if you want 3 or more silences, use a Spellbreaker.

I'm not a fan of Wrath or Healing Touch. I think I have 1 Wrath right now and no Healing Touches.

Grizzly is ok, and Patriarch is good for Hunters since it is a beast but pretty awful for other classes. Definitely use a Sen'jin instead, or better, get the Druid of the Claw which I have 2 of in my deck.

Starfall is great, I have 1. The big tree, I have only 1. If you have 2, you will usually get one stuck in your hand at the early game taking up space, so I would go with just 1.

For card draw, I have 2 Cult Masters and one Inventor. I also find the Power of the Wild card to be extremely good since it is decent in the early game for throwing down a panther and also great late game if you have 3+ minions on the board to help survive an AoE spell from your enemy and to throw out more damage on your turn than the enemy was expecting.
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