Feedback/Opinion: Unleash the Hounds

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how you manage to stop 2 pyroblast to kill you?

as its UTH is the same as pyroblast. u do 10 damage to the enemy then proceed to finish him up in 1 or 2 turns.

card is fine as its, without this card you will never see a hunter. try to drop couple of taunts cards and the hunter is done, if by turn 6 u have 2 taunts on the board is gg for the hunter.

at least you can try to stop a hunter from killing you, try to stop those pyroblast with taunt minions and see what u get.
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11/05/2013 02:15 PMPosted by Perrito
as its UTH is the same as pyroblast. u do 10 damage to the enemy

Try 22, and you'll be right, the big difference is that pyro is a single card, and UTH combo is 7
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Unleash the Hounds is totally unbalanced. I just doesn't make any sense being able to summon around 6 creatures, give them +X attack power and charge, to one shot your enemy IN A SINGLE TURN.
This is not only a very boring tactic (which requires no strategy at all) but also one that is destroying the purpose of control based characters/decks like Mages, Rogues or even Priests. I have seen a lot of games where players have their hand full of control card because they have nothing to trow them to, and then being one shot in a single turn without even a possible chance to react.
My suggestion would be to greatly increase the cost of Unleash the Hounds or take out the charge effect, so that a player has to at least spend two turn in order to attack and one shot, therefore giving the possibility to the opposite player to actually react.
if this card continues like this, most games will become a simple DPS race and I am sure that's not what anyone expects of a game of this type, where actual strategy should be involved.

Edit: I see a lot of people complaining about having a double Pyroblast on their face. Although trowing two Pyroblast actually requires 2 turns (not trying to defend Pyroblast which is a different topic) this basically shows my worry of the game turning into a DPS race, where everyone's strategy is to DPS their opponent as fast as possible.
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11/05/2013 02:28 PMPosted by Sharpshooter
as its UTH is the same as pyroblast. u do 10 damage to the enemy

Try 22, and you'll be right, the big difference is that pyro is a single card, and UTH combo is 7

Except UTH has the potential to do three times as much damage in a single turn compared to an 8 cost spell that does 10.

Nice try.
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One of the biggest problems I have is that you cannot effectively stop it unless you have 3+ Taunts set up. The fact that the owl's work into the combo means that they could potentially ignore up to 2 taunts. Hunters either need less control up front (traps, multi shot, deadly shot) or Unleash the hounds needs to either not give charge or not give the damage buff or cost much more (i think around 3)
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OK gentlemen, let's have a look at the state of the hunters now!

Hunters, like all other classes have access to a variety of decks.

1, Beast swarm: sounds right, but the beast cards are weak compared to the similar cost neutral cards. Much weaker deck then the neutral swarm.

2, Neutral swarm: makes the majority of the hunter cards useless. Why play hunter if not for the unique hunter cards? Basically every other class does this better due to the hunter cards limitations.

3, Mid-late game focus: the hunter has no real defence. No hero power to clear the board, no tokens, no heals. The late game beasts are weak, the neutrals are OK, but they are not comboing with the hunter cards.

4, UtH-OTK deck: with a single choice the hunters can work around the beasts weakness and limitations. They can use their unique cards too.

The UtH-OTK is the ONLY viable option if you want to play a hunter, and not a warrior with secrets. I don't care if the UtH is OP or not. This deck is the only one what has a chance to win.
Hunters need an OP card to be viably choice. If the UtH is nerfed the whole hunter class needs buffed.

P.S.: there are 9 classes out there. If you can beat 6 classes 80%, one 50% (mirror :D) and you loose 75% to the two others.... Just sounds about right...

I played hunter without Uth, got myself to master 3. I love how hunters that can only win with it are crying its the only viable option. Hope they nerf it soon, so we can get rid of ppl like you.
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11/10/2013 07:25 AMPosted by Quake
I played hunter without Uth, got myself to master 3. I love how hunters that can only win with it are crying its the only viable option. Hope they nerf it soon, so we can get rid of ppl like you.

And now they nerf EVERY hunter with the Buzzard change...

Hunters can do masters.... but w/o UtH-OTK it's not easy at all....
I assume you can be good against priests or mages but the weak (compare to the neutrals) beasts are just a fodder for the mages or clerics spells.
After trying the OTK and the beast swarm I play late game beast deck now.... it's OK, but nowhere near as effective as the other classes

The problem is that I do not like the OTK decks, like the warrior or the hunter one-turn-kill.

You can call me a noob or an idiot if you like... The UtH-OTK is a unique way to play with the same win ratio like every popular deck. If you ROFLSTOMP them you feel godlike, if you loose to them you feel crushed. Like every other OTK mechanism...

And I say again: this Buzzard change hurts you and me more then the popular UtH deck!
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Both Buzzard and uth should be nerfed into oblivion. Its a joke playing a rouge right now. Last game had 22 hp left opponent got 4 throws in all beasts, game over. And pls dont tell me l2p since its acutally difficult to counter master 3 players playing lame builds.
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@Quake... you are a mage player, right?

They didn't nerf the UtH Combo... They forced MORE hunter to play it...!
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lol "Unique"

If 9/10 hunters are doing UtH decks. The whole "unique" part of it kind of becomes invalid huh.

That or our definitions of what unique means vastly differ from one another.
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Completely broken card, nerf immediately.

Raise mana cost to 5 to bring it in line with similar cards.
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...or better, rise it to 10 to match the mana cost of the completely broken mind control!
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What's worst then a UtH player? a SLOW PLAYING ONE. OH man they just take for EVER you know you always lost.
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Here's the main problem with Uth as I see it breaking it down versus other plays:

Hunter from his hand can play:
Timber Wolf x 2
Corehound x 1
Uth x 1
= 17 Damage

For a total cost of 10mana in a full play (With 0 Rare cards, 1 Uncommon)

An equivalent play from a Mage:
Pyro x 1
Arcane Missiles x 2
= 16 Damage

Totaling 10 mana in a turn (1 Epic card)

Which looking at the numbers seems mostly even, except for the fact that the next turn the Mage has (0) to offer and the Hunter now has 17 on the board plus whatever is played on top of that which can include Bestial Wrath, another Uth or summon animal companion as well as Direwolf Alpha x 2 which quickly puts the game out of hand in two turns for not even another rare or epic quality card.
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I feel that Unleash the Hounds is too powerful in its current form.

My suggestions would be to lower the mana cost and make it only effect one beast, remove the attack buff, raise the mana cost, or a combination of these.

Thanks for reading.

Sounds good!
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Only useful when beasts are already in play? are you an idiot? It give them charge. So basically if the hunter has soo many secrets to stall you from killing him. he saves up mana. Plays all his wolves (the ones that give +1 to all minions attack. And the wolves that give +1 to adjacent.) and hit unleash the hounds. in 1 turn you can take 30 damage. Even with a taunt guy in the field. And thats just those cards. Its extremely broken when you play it with cards that have windfury.
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hunters and their UTH combo is really a one trick pony, w/o it idk what they'll do, once it gets nerfed Im really worried if they'll ever make a come back like rogues did recently

its pretty obvious when you meet a hunter and they play nothing but steady shot you, kill command your face, and use lots of tracking

its very simple from there depending on what archetype you play, if you play control be sure to set up taunts by turn 6 and dont let your life fall below 20
if you play aggro or midrange, play smartly around their removals by using health buffs, fairy dragons vs their spells, draw out their secrets using weak minions, save your taunts if you have them and drop it strategically
aggro/midrange usually have no problem with UTH if you played smartly and you should be able to kill them around turn 6-8

UTH isnt very strong once you recognize them and play your cards right, they just create alot of frustration because you cant do much if they manage to get the combo off, like getting your legendary mindcontrolled when you are winning, it really kills the fun

you just have to learn to deal with the build and adjust your deck/play style to address the current meta
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I'm going to play this UTH deck to the ground, and nothing else.
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