Epic Priest deck with Basic Cards!

Basic Deck :

-Minions (18)

Chillwind Yeti x2
Darkscale Healer x2
Gnomish Inventor x2
Ironfur Grizzly x2
Northshire Cleric x2
Novice Engineer x2
River Crocolisk x2
Sen'jin Shieldmasta x2
Shattered Sun Cleric x2

-Spells (12)

Holy Nova x2
Holy Smite x2
Mind Control x2
Power Word: Shield x2
Shadow Word: Death x2
Shadow Word: Pain x2

With just these cards you have a very strong chance of winning against legendary decks.

Source of deck http://www.hearthhead.com/deck=25/doctor-draw-%28basic-only,-by-top-50-in-north-america-for-constructed-pre-wipe%29

This deck as simple as it is kicks !@#.I never lost this this deck in the last 15 games and I m currently Gold one star.

I just made a few changes for myself which include some crafting but it IS NOT necesarry,these are just personal preferences:
-Instead of 2 x Ironfur Grizzly I replaced them with 2 x Tauren Warrior
-Instead of 2 x Chillwind Yeti I replaced them with 2 x Lightspawn

This is the proof that you don t need to pay money for cards to win against others who do.
After 2-3 games you will see the potential of this deck
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This deck works, but I threw in a lightspawn and Velen instead of the crocolisks, and it works great too. Thanks!
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I am trying to find some replacements for crocolisks and novice engineers aswell atm and one card would be Ironbeak owl which is a must have in any deck.
The card Silence would just fill a spot.

Ironbeak > Silence
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In my opinion, holy smite is pretty meh. Priests already have an insane amount of board control with the 4 shadow word cards and holy nova, so I drop the holy smites for divine spirit. DS just opens up so many options. It's true that it's vulnerable to silence/poly/hex, but if you DS your Northshire cleric early game, for example, you essentially force your opponent to use silence/poly/hex on a one mana minion, which means you don't have to worry about as much cc on your big taunters. Also, as far as minions, I notice you included quite a few low drops. I would switch both novice engineers to owls (you already have insane draw power with double cleric, and owl battlecry is AMAZING), and then drop 2 of darkscale healer/river crocolisks for temple enforcer/lord of the arena/stormwind champion/prophet Velen (really anything to give some more late game umph).
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An example being...
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@stefan Did he do anything to you? It's not like he claimed it to be the best deck. In my opinion it's a pretty good deck for a basic card deck only.
You also have to consider that not everyone is a "Pro" and they just try to help others and enjoy the game. So be thankful instead of trashtalking.
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This deck is actually virtually identical to the one I'm using at the moment - as I'm waiting to acquire the rarer cards. The only difference I had, until not long ago, was 2x Lord of the Arena instead of the yetis.

And no, stefan, OP is not trolling - I have an overwhelmingly high win rate with my deck at 3-star masters ^^
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I had to make a few changes to it, but overall, it's fairly good.
Edited by Aionion on 10/21/2013 8:54 PM PDT
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Thank you sir. I am currently using this deck and have not lost a match. Also before today I had absolutely no experience using a priest so the deck can't be to bad.
Edited by Sicarius on 10/21/2013 8:55 PM PDT
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o...k... i don't like play with priest, you know about: oh is OP and blablabla.

im play warrior deck so this deck works, i use in my quest thx
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This build is no lie. I just won against another priest using very strong cards, even though he got the early advantage with Northshire clerics and such, while I had to wait three turns helplessly. He even had a Ragnaros!
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been using this deck as well and have been climbing the ladders since i used it, very great deck indeed, plus i am new to the game so i don't know any other good cards and what not
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This deck is amazing especially since its only basic cards. Anyone know a similar strength deck using another hero with basic cards kinda wanna try a different hero.
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I believe Hippy has a basic mage deck listed in the mage forums..
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Picking crocolisk over ooze is a mistake.
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Played first to last ranked game with this deck, am flawless and am platinum 1 from bronze 1. This deck is nice
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Started playing Hearthstone 3 days ago. Advanced to Platinum 3 today with this amazing basic deck.

PS. Only had troubles with Hunters. Their beast combos are just too strong.

PPS. Advanced to Master 2 with this deck!
Edited by Harry on 10/26/2013 1:56 PM PDT
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I've managed to obtain 2 Star Master with this deck (I've only made slight variations). Sure, better decks could be made, I have much better cards in my collection...but this deck works and why mess with something that doesn't need fixed? :)
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@Harry Yeah, Hunter's give me trouble as well :( That turn 8 beast combo is insane!
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