Epic Priest deck with Basic Cards!

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''This is the proof that you don t need to pay money for cards to win against others who do.'' Yea.....You just need to play the most overpowered class in the game... If you don't want to play a priest then you are forced to build a deck against them because 80% of the games ppl lose atm are against priests. After the big patch i got myself to 3 star master in ranked but lost interest because 8 out of 10 games were priests and they dominated my decks. I might start playing ranked after the next patch when priests get nerfed.
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This deck too stronk. Only deck that has beaten me is my friends OP Lord Jaraxxus Warlock deck.
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I just succeed in climbing Master 1 after 20 games with that deck, man you are awesome!
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This deck owns...
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I loved the deck, but made some tweaks for myself. Thoughts of this adaptation?

2x Northshire Cleric
2x Ironbeak Owl
2x Ironfur Grizzly
2x Shattered Sun Cleric
2x Gnomish Inventor
2x Sen'Jin Shieldmasta
2x Spellbreaker
2x Darkscale Healer
2x Gurubashi Berserker

2x Power Word Shield
2x Divine Spirit
2x Shadow Word: Pain
2x Shadow Word: Death
2x Holy Nova
2x Mind Control

I took out the Chillwind Yetis for Spellbreakers, the River Crocolisks for the Gurubashi Berserkers (amazing in this deck, with heals/Divine Spirit to make him beastly), Novice Engineers for Ironbeak Owls, and Holy smites for Divine Spirit. Let me know what you guys think.
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Divine Spirit as a card I'm torn against. You spend 2 extra mana on a health buff, which the enemy can remove with cheap removal. Though that might be the point, to bait removal. I think Holy smite is more useful overall and provides more board control, but I'm still testing this.

And why do you need 4 minions with silence that's overkill. Imo I would get rid of the owls. And Gnomish inventor is a terrible card imo. Nearly no threat at 4 mana so that you can draw a card, and hope its better than the terrible inventor you just pulled. I would replace them with Yeti's, take out owls and add in Novice Engineers/Loot Hoarders.

I ran this deck for a while but NEVER ran Darkscale healer, they seemed redundant when you had Holy Nova, I also dislike the Berserkers, but I can see how they work with Divine Spirit.
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wow. I cannot believe how OP priests are right now. Northshire cleric NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED. I am by no means a poor player. I have won 9-2 in the arena, and many more times almost as high. I am in awe that they haven't made this card cost 2 crystals. Please fix this. Ridiculously op starting card.
Also, not to mention as an end game card healing several creatures with this just spams the priest with draws. What the hell? Fix it somehow. Do SOMEthing. Not fun at all playing priests. I still abandon games if i see a priest, I don't waste my time anymore.
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What are your thoughts of Yeti (4/5 vanilla) vs Dark Iron Dwarf (4/4, give target +2 atk), with both costing 4? The yeti stays alive easier, the dwarf kills things through assist. The only reason I'm hesitant to go with the dwarf is this deck is more tempo based, so not really looking for the fast win.

And With the engineers back in, i agree that the Gnomish Inventor can definitely go.
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tried this deck with slight modifications, haven't lost a match so far, really nice deck, gonna keep playing this and upgrade it as I go
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Thanks op, nice deck.
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Interestingly, I'm #30 on the newest list, which I played with a combination of my Priest deck (which was my main deck) and my Shaman deck (which I was just leveling for fun); the Priest deck definitely won a much higher percentage of its games than the Shaman deck. I don't feel like posting my deck list, but I was looking at it the other day, and I don't have a single card above a rare in it (this wasn't actually on purpose by the way, it was just how it worked out when I was done tweaking it).

While it has the right idea, I don't like Novice Engineer; it's a 1/2 and it rarely kills anything before it dies. Yeah, it cycles a card, but you're usually paying 2 mana to simply cycle a card. I'd rather just plain drop something useful, like an Acidic Swamp Ooze.
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I'd like to thank you for this deck. I rode it all the way to 3* Masters with a 20-3 record. The only substitution I made was Sunfury Protector(which I got in one of my first packs) for crocolisk because they have the same stats with the possible upside of taunt.

Started somewhere in gold I think (initially was playing Druid which had been 5-3 and Hunter which went 2-5). I won my first 7 games, lost to a Shaman, won the next 4, lost to Priest, won one, lost to another Priest, then closed by winning 8 straight. For those who care, it took 4 wins to go from 2*M to 3*M.

I just wanted to reiterate it's success. The synergy is strong and by no means relies on Mind Control. You often have such a board advantage by turn 8 that Mind Control is just icing on the cake. The draw power, control, and healing complement each other very well. If you manage to combine with Northshire Cleric + (Darkscale Healer or Holy Nova) to heal 2 minions and/or kill 2 minions on turn 6 or 7 it's basically over.

How I played the deck:
If I could drop NSC on turn 1 I would. Even if it dies, typically the opponent has to expend more than they would like to get rid of it. If they can't kill it, it often alters their play dramatically. Otherwise, I would hold NSC until I could combine it with a heal on the turn it was played. Common plays were to drop it behind a Grizzly or Shieldmasta or the combo from above.

Thanks again for the deck!
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This deck is actually amazing guys. I suggest having mad bombers x2 for whatever two drop you have. You have to rely on some RNG (Random Number Generator). But even after the RNG you have a good card on the board. I am Diamond with this deck (not sure if that's good or not but sounds cool) and that was my first day of having access to the game.

Just try to get early game drops early. Ideally a 1,2,3 mana drop or something like that and you will have great pressure. I always try to use the max amount of mana i have to have the strongest card for that turn. You will probably lose a few games versus more skilled players. But in general you will win. Also if you can get harvest golemn x2. Your deck will be even better. I think the harvest golemn would replace the crocs. Hope this helps. :)
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i have tested this deck (played 7 games) 100% winrate so far ,went against better decks(concidered to be better ,had good cards in them) but was able to out play with this deck.In the right hands one can maybe have a 50% winrate .Swapped out the River Crocolisk for Earthen Ring Farseer ,but im sure crocolisk instead of farseer wont make a differents
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i have tested this deck (played 7 games) 100% winrate so far ,went against better decks(concidered to be better ,had good cards in them) but was able to out play with this deck.In the right hands one can maybe have a 50% winrate .Swapped out the River Crocolisk for Earthen Ring Farseer ,but im sure crocolisk instead of farseer wont make a differents.i foresee a 7 turn rush down deck or a combo control decks(eg.otw hunter deck and miracle rogue)or a really good control deck beating this deck(of course this deck will lose out in the pro scene)
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First I'd like to thank you for giving me a deck that I haven't lost with (yet)

I changed up a few things, like getting Lord of the Arena in there and also a few minion changes.

The only problem is, its REALLY boring to play, I have a Priest buff deck which loses 70% of the time but is a lot of fun even if you don't get the right cards but its nice to put some wins in now and again so I don't feel like the biggest Loser Lose Losey McLosersson.

To someone that is new to CCGs (as I am) this build will help to strengthen other decks (as it did mine) so Thank you!!
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Updated his deck ! =) http://www.hearthhead.com/deck=8900/[basic]-spell-damage
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I also like to use the card (I forgot the name) that creates a copy of an opponent's card and places it in yours. If you use it at the right time you have a high probability of ending up with a good strong extra card that the opponent was waiting to use. At one point I ended up with a legendary Bow against a hunter and used weapon with priest. It was insane and quite a lot of fun. The deck above is very good, yes, but it can be taken down by a smart mage deck, a fast warriror deck and a fast hunter deck.
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thx alot this works for me
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I love it!! Here is my modification of the build. I call it " The R_apist Priest".


I am not quite positive that it actually works better than the original. Anyhow, i just won 10 out of 13 using that build, so i think it is pretty valid.

p.s. comments and criticize, please. i'd like to know what you think for the changes i made

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