Epic Priest deck with Basic Cards!

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day 0 foudn this guide.. leveled priest and mage to 10.. made this deck... added in oozes...

24 hours later i'm master 3... i think it's good right?
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Very good deck
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You made my day!!!!!
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Just played this deck and it is awesome.

Only issue was towards the end of the match I had no cards and kept getting 3-4 draws from healing which meant I was got -2,-2,-4,-4 health and so on. Luckily I finished the match
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That deck is truly amazing. I couldnt believe how strong it was when i read the cardlist. But, i made some changes after beeing 2-2 in the first 4 games with that deck, heres my list of cards (now i´m sitting on a 14 winstreak with a 16-2 record in total)

-Minions (18)

Chillwind Yeti x2
Darkscale Healer x2
Gnomish Inventor x2
Ironfur Grizzly x2
Northshire Cleric x2
Novice Engineer x2
Gurubashi Berserker x2
Sen'jin Shieldmasta x2
Armani Berserker x1
Raging Worgen x1
-Spells (12)

Holy Nova x2
Holy Smite x2
Mind Control x2
Power Word: Shield x2
Shadow Word: Death x2
Shadow Word: Pain x2

The Gurubashi Berserker is a must have in a priest deck (5 mana 2/7 creature with "every time the Gurubashi Berserker takes damage, he gains +3 attack) since you can heal him up again with your priest and make him become really powerful. I removed the suncleric since i didnt think my creatures really need the +1/+1 buff he grants, so i added some creatures with an ability instead. Their abilities make them become a higher prioritised target in the early game, and i use that to drain some spells and/or creatures from the enemy player so he cant use them anymore when i play my really important creatures.
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Not an amazing deck, but starter cards are usually !@#$ anyway. Shamans, locks usually tear through this deck with ease. 6 Games, no mind control, RNG sucks.
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Im lvl 19 engineer face and losing like crazy with this deck. This may have been good a while ago but its far from being remotely good now. I got like a 35% win rate with this deck. Getting owned by legendarys of all classes. Delete this post and remake it with different title.
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I was struggling to make any priest deck on my own that was any good, so I decided to try this today. In the first 15 matches or so it's been stomping people.

There are some decks out there that will handle it pretty easily. But, if you don't have access to a lot of cards, this is a fantastic deck.
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12/15/2013 06:26 PMPosted by dulvalius
Im lvl 19 engineer face and losing like crazy with this deck. This may have been good a while ago but its far from being remotely good now. I got like a 35% win rate with this deck. Getting owned by legendarys of all classes. Delete this post and remake it with different title.

Reading sure is hard.
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All im saying this isn anything special, its got potential but hits a wall really quick...far from OP. I get man handled by hunters with legends and warriors, mages with ice CC etc.
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This is a pretty dang good deck, I've taken out a croc for the mind blast 5dmg. I'm 6-2 since finding this.
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Ok i have to be doing something wrong so can someone explain how to actually use this deck? i didnt think i was that bad of a player but out of 6 games i have only won once so far.
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This deck is awesome, I started to use it AFTER the mana cost of Mind Control had been changed from 8 to 10 and still getting a very high win rate with this deck!
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Hey, I just want to say I've been using this exact build for for about a week now and have had really decent results. Good job brewing this up.
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nice ima try this out!

but a silence should be a good adition or the iron beak owl, but i prefer the silcence with 0 cost.
Might replace it with power word schield

and might change a dark scale healer for another strong drop.
I dont need mind control that often so might use only 1.

just my 2 cents.
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I can confirm that this deck is pretty good. I've only played 3 games so far, but I've won every one.

I've noticed that it's more effective later on in the game. You end up drawing so many cards that later on you can make massive chain moves when your opponent only has 1 card in their hand.
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I must seriously suck or have the worst RNG ever, 0-2 with this deck so far. :\ Wish I knew how to do better.
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I'm sure it's a good starter deck, but I don't see advanced decks not tearing this apart. 2 MCs? If you get to 1, you probably would have won anyway.
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I'm not sure replacing the Yeti with the Lightspawn is the best of ideas. It has like 2 downsides, first if it takes a lot of damage and you can't heal it to full it won't trade as well as before, secondly a silence on it just renders it dead weight.

The rest looks solid though and extremely similar to what I run, your deck is better early game though and I'll consider doing some tweeks to my deck. Honestly I kind of wrote off Crocs as bad cards, but with Priest's heal you can extract some extra value out of them.
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