Epic Priest deck with Basic Cards!

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Well, nothing in particular, just make sure you control the board.

Having more firepower than you opponent will basically guarantee a win.

Make sure you use the minion's abilities, don't waste then unless really necessary.

And always look ahead, just dont go ''omg legendary, mind control win kk''. Your opponent could aswell mind control it back or just kill it or something...my point is, always look 2-3 moves ahead.

Anyways, I am not a pro or something, just basic stuff that should get you to rank 14 with this deck (give or take a few tweaks).

If you need more than that, then yea, you will need better cards.

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this works edited it a little bit though but have been winning lots except against hunters
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Yea this deck hits a brick wall around Rank 15. You are way too dependent on holy nova against aggro decks and plenty of other classes can outcontrol you. I've found that other control decks from top classes will have no problem beating back your basic minions and aggro decks will still win reliably if you don't get a perfect draw.
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Did not work well for me the first time I played it, couldnt play a card until I had 5 mana :(
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You did full mulligan, and still nothing faster then 5 drop?:(
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Is it possible to include leper gnome of light warden into this deck? If so, what should i swap out?
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I use Divine spirit instead of holy nova , if u use 2 divine spirits on berserker it is unkillable and have above 10 dmg
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01/29/2014 08:01 AMPosted by Zentry
I use Divine spirit instead of holy nova , if u use 2 divine spirits on berserker it is unkillable and have above 10 dmg

It is most definitely killable. Hex, Sheep, SW:P, Assassinate... so on. A simple silence will suffice also. Earthshock will put it in its place.

You just used 3 cards and they use 1 maybe 2 to destroy your combo.
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I just started playing this week and I was doing 50/50 with a basic mage deck. I started using this deck and I am winning much more now. Thank you.

I do have a question. I'm not sure how to get the Berserkers into this deck. I have already swapped 2 Holy Smite for 2 Divine Spirts and the 2 Crocs for a Light spawn and a Temple Enforcer.

I think the Beserkers would be fantastic to have. Should I drop 2 Novice Engineers or 2 Gnomish inventors?

Any suggestions for what to swap would be appreciated.

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Outside of the 2 clerics, you could probably take this exact list of minions and put it with pretty much any other class, and replace the priest removal with said classes removal/buffs and they would probably all do as good or better.

This deck obviously works, and I'm not hater, but this thing looks -boring-.

Card draw/minion spam with flavor removal to try and control the board. No combos, no depth, just a nice minion curve with some control. I don't even know if you could call this a "priest" deck, you only have 1 minion that is Priest only in it.

This is what is worrying me about Hearthstone's longevity with me...just not enough depth. Sad thing is these decks will usually beat the snot out of decks that try and utilize combos etc.
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this deck works bad, lets be honest ^^ I have tested it and i have lost all 3 matches with rank 15 (now 16)
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Played this deck against a Paladin lost straight away dealt only 5 damage to him...I didnt stand a chance even with my taunts. He kept applying divine shields was gg for me.

Won against a Mage twice, but lost badly against Druid with this deck. He kept applying +2/2 and Taunt and finished me off with 1 Swipe cards (5 damage).

Won against a Hunter with 16 health left.
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Trying to replace mind control with divine spirit. Thoughts?
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I run heavy 4-6 cost taunt creatures and gurubashi zerkers with divine spirit/Inner fire and priestess's for card return. Currently I use one circle of healing as a last ditch emergency cardsplosion for when holy nova just wont cut it against the enemy lineup but can still give me much needed cards. Other wise I have all the normal priest control staple cards.
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Thanks so much for this post, to arpiar and everyone who added some useful alternate choices. Total noob here, and this is really helpful -- it will allow me to continue to play, and tweak my deck, without spending a lot of money. which i don't have. so thanks. you guys rock. :)
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I have only been playing for a couple days now and i really like this deck. Had some trouble with mages and hunters. I did change a few things and last night i was playing some ranked battles (I dont kow how they rank them or if it even means anything) But this is the deck i run now.

Holy Smite x2
Power Word Sheild x2
Northshire Cleric x2
Divine spirit x2 ( Love This Card )
Mind Blast ( i have the gold one that does 5 dmg to a hero )
Shawdow word pain x2
Novice Engineer x1
River Crocolisk x2
Shadow Word Death x2
Ironfur Grizzly x2
Shattered Sun Cleric x2
Chillwind Yeti x1
Gnomish Inventor x2
Lightspawn ( Love this card with Divine Spirit )
Holy Nova
Darkscale Healer x2
Mind Control x2

I like having the Mind Blast cause i try to use it as early as i can. I think your oppent plays different when they behind. Also i always save at least one Divine Spirit for for my lightspawn. I try to bate them lat in the game and make them use there CC cards. I might Divine Spirit a Yeti or a Ironfur grizzly. But what i would like to do in a perfect game is use Shattered sun Cleric on the yeti or grizzly and both divine Spirits on the lightspawn. If that happens then you can own them from that point. But I think the key to this deck is just out playing your oppents and making them use certain cards when YOU want them to. I will be testing it alot more through the week. Like i said im still brand new, so let me know what yout hink. If anyone wants to add me and do some battles just hit me up, Thanks
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This deck works really well! lost only once out of the 5 times i have played it. Glad i saw this thread.
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I'm 0-2 with this deck so far. :c
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Things have changed a great deal since the introduction of this deck.

It remains a strong deck to get into the game but a number of things have changed, which affect the viability of this deck past the lower ranks:

- Novice Engineer nerf, and with that, the prevalence of Nat Pagle
- More and more players running priest-hard counter decks(all 4 attack minions)
- The emergence of the spell damage rogue, who out-controls you
- More and more players in the lower ranks using some of the best cards(divine shield minions, defender of argus, argent crusader)
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I wouldnt use this deck to be honest you dont stand a chance against legendary cards with this deck. play 3 games didnt win one. lost to a legedary pally deck. lost to a legendary druid deck and lost to somthing else. it wasnt the fact that i was out played, it the fact that this deck has really no recovery. if you dont get your cards early enough you screwed. I would change a few cards. i guess i can see it beating other basic decks but legendary i dont see that.
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