Criticize my deck?

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The usual "criticize my deck" thread. Warrior deck, focuses on charge creatures. Either throwing charge on something big like The Beast then swinging your weapon for a huge amount of unexpected damage, or simply being incredibly aggressive, forcing the opponent to run into your creatures.

One downside I've noticed is the major lack of removal outside of simply running creatures into eachother or wasting some weapon attack. Though I'm not sure what exactly I could remove for more removal..

0 Costs:
2x Charge

1 Costs:
2x Execute

2 Costs:
2x Bluegill Warrior
2x Fiery War Axe
2x Heroic Strike

3 Costs:
2x Arcane Golem
2x Injured Blademaster
2x Shield Block
2x Wolfrider

4 Costs:
2x Kor'kron Elite
2x Mogu'shan Warden

5 Costs:
2x Arcanite Reaper
2x Nightblade

6 Costs:
2x Reckless Rocketeer
1x The Beast

8 Costs:
1x Grommash Hellscream
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i would try the following:

+ 2x Cleave (your execute seems useless without dmg spells)
+ 2x Slam (^)
+ 2x Acidic Swap Ooze or Armani Berzerker (should be more useful than a 2-1 2mana murloc or a 3 mana 3-1 wolfrider..)
(+ 2x Rampage Injured Bm + Rampage wombo combo)
+ 2x Cruel Taskmaster (synergizes with rampage, execute, armani berzerker, can kill shields etc)

i definitely don't like these:

- 2x Nightblade <-- especially
- 2x Arcanite Reaper ( risky move, i wouldn't put it in this deck)
- 2x Bluegill warrior <- especially
- 2x Wolfrider <- (meh, i don't find this card useful even in a charge deck.. 3 mana is a lot)

and you probably won't need 2x Shield Block since u don't have shield slam
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These suggestions more seem changing the deck to an enrage warrior deck instead of the charge deck <_>

Nightblade I love to death, its won me many games. 3 Damage off the bat, and it's good to throw Charge on if you have nothing else to throw it on for 7 damage all of a sudden.

Arcanite Reaper, yes it's risky, but that's kind of the point of a charge deck..Highly aggressive.
Edit: I could replace an Arcanite Reaper with 1 Gorehowls..That'd atleast be 7 damage, I don't always get the second hit off on my Arcanite because of ooze's. Also good for removal. Not both, that messes with the mana curve rather badly.

Bluegill warrior..Maybe, it's nice to throw a couple of those down behind a mogushan warden

Wolfrider..Again, you seem to be wanting to make this an enrage deck instead.

Shield Block has won me games by getting me enough armor to where they cant get through it.

Why would I get armani berserker when I can get frothing berserker..?

Edit 2: Could replace the Executes with Commanding Shouts..It would be much, much better removal..Unless I had no creatures on the field. Though the only time that'd be happening would likely be during top decking, so the card draw would definitely help.
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it's just weird when you try to force something when other cards are clearly better :S

perhaps i'm just hallucinating, need more people here.

nightblade seems to me like a 4 mana deal 3 damage card. it will prob drop the very next round.
i think you can dish out way more damage early on with other cards so you don't rely on those 3 damage.

i prefer armani berserker over frothing because you can play him early on and dish out 5-7 dmg. ( 7 if you get to draw Cruel Taskmaster turn 2/3)
you can also damage armani berz with your own spells like slam etc.

frothing has to be stacked up in order to be worth it, 1 nuke and he's completely useless. (those 3 mana will give you aids)

i wouldn't use commanding shout at all, it only counts for your turn and will almost never be in your favor (might be mistaken here, dunno if that card has any use)

i didn't know which cards you have so i only suggested common cards
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