Adding flavor to Searing Totem

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0/2, at the end of your turn, heal your hero for 2


0/1, at the end of your turn, deal 1 damage to your opponent


0/1, the first minion you play each turn costs 1 less/has +1/+1
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aggree with most people in this thread. Most of the time getting a searing totem just feels like a waste of 2 mana in most shaman decks i've played thus far.

If the totem would just stay as it is, I would prefer it having 2 health at least to compensate for being random. It just doesn't make sense to have a 1/4 chance of basically getting the pally hero power. Only difference being you can't build your deck around it since it's random.

I would much rather have it become something more in line with what it is in-game (wow) though. A totem that deals ranged damage as long as it's alive.
-A mini rag sounds interesting, but might be too good: 0/1 that deals one random dmg at the end of turn. and has can't attack; to prevent bloodlust/rockbiter shenannigans
-1/1 charge to at least give you a chance to use it, before it gets fireblasted, dagger'd, cat formed.
-1/1 as it is now, but make it have the text: Searing totem is immune while attacking; Personally I think this would be a cool option. sure it still dies to any 1-dmg, but buffing it with rockbiter/bloodlust seems powerful.
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10/18/2013 04:57 AMPosted by Lemmy
Searing totem should have deathrattle: do 1 damage to random enemy character or something

Thats actually a very good idea
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I agree that usually when you hero power and get a searing totem it is dissapointing because you are usually looking for one of the others.

However, if you look at the big picture, the searing totem is just as good as the others.

Don't let that initial disappointment get to you, because when you are finishing a guy off with it next turn or making him a 2-2 taunt with Argus or flametonguing him for 3 dmg you should be thanking your lucky stars you got him last turn. Not to mention rockbiter for 4 dmg, and pinging off divine shields.

The whole random thing you guys are suggesting is TERRIBLE compared to what it is now. That's all we need is more RNG to rely on, like the hero power is not random enough for you. There will be situations when it hits a 6-6 minion instead of a divine shield or a 4-1 and you will once again be on the forums complaining.

Getting a 1-1 is the same as the paladin hero power and it is perfectly fine!

Also giving your totems deathrattle with no attack will be a mechanic that is out of your control. Unless you buff it somehow and kill it yourself, your opponent is in complete control of when to kill it and what minions to soak the damage with.
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The other 3 hero totems are better than 0mp because of the random effect. They are more inline with 0.5-1mp effects. As such making searing 1/2 put it in line with same hp but can attack. Would still be the less preferred one but better as it is not countered by hero power in 1 shot. Even making it 1/1 + charge but if it attacks the turn played it dies at the end of turn could be better. Its a boar with a draw back which is fair.

It is not perfectly fine as is. All random effects are stronger than set ones to off set the randomness. As such searing needs to be on par with the other 3. All the other 3 having lasting utility function out side of attacking. As such could do many things to make searing both inline with the other 3 and in the spirit of WOW. As is its 75% of the time a joke.
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10/22/2013 12:30 PMPosted by Geemsean
I've been thinking about this as well. Searing Totem is completely boring as of now.

How about this then?

0/1 with Deathrattle: Deal 1 damage to 2 random enemy characters

Because 0-power minions can't attack, your enemy would have some control over whether or not to pop the totem, which balance out the totem's power.

Meh, I think when you consider Flametongue, Direwolf Alpha, Rockbiter and Defender of Argus are all at least fairly common in Shaman this is still kinda OP. I do agree it'd be great if the Searing Totem worked in a slightly more useful way...
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