Why is King Krush a 9 Cost Card

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Generally that late in the game though, the opponent is throwing down creatures with taunt whenever possible, not being able to cast anything else on your turn that could kill a creature with taunt so KK can get through is an issue. if he was 1 less, you could at least try to 2 damage after a hunter's mark to get rid of the taunt creature if one existed.

Hands down though, it's simply not as good because everyone is saying to use it as a finisher, who cares if you got an 8/8 on the board when the only time you're dropping him is when your opponent has less than 8 health and no taunt creatures on his side of the board... So saying you have an 8/8 on the board isn't really valued at that point.
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Not sure why people would want to use King Crush as a finisher when Leeroy+Hero power is a cheaper and faster way to deal 8 damage.
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10/31/2013 07:20 AMPosted by Lightp
Not sure why people would want to use King Crush as a finisher when Leeroy+Hero power is a cheaper and faster way to deal 8 damage.

Because there are times when KK's 8 health matters. Quite a lot of them, in fact. It turns out, not everybody plays Priests, so Mind Control is not always an issue. Further, sometimes you just need something to swing the board heavily in your direction by murdering a taunter so your other minions can get through.

Pretending that if KK can't go straight for the face he's worthless is dumb. He's 8 damage that will usually survive killing a taunter to either deal 8 damage again or soak up a removal card that would otherwise hit something else. Either way, *SOMETHING* is going to die when you cast King Krush, and usually KK will live through it - although not for long unless your opponent is utterly screwed, because if they can't kill him, they *ARE* utterly screwed.
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Charge makes a creature guarenteed to do something, like a spell, but has the added benefit of potentially staying on the field as a threat once it does something.

A taunt only creature allows for a turn to respond and it's damage may never be dealt.

So both creatures may be hit with removals immediately, but king krush did damage while the ironbark did 0.

Hence the increase cost.
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A charge is insane...
You compare it to a taunt, saying the taunt is better? But charge and taunts are both insanely strong.

Why don't you compare this to Nozdormu... now THAT card is a joke.
I'll take a charge on a massive beast over "faster turns" every single time.
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Why would you play Krush if your opponent has a taunt out. Clear the taunt through some other means, then play Krush.

You can't really give an example of how not to use Krush as an example of its weakness. The weakness in that case is not the card, but in how the player has chosen to incorrectly play it.
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