Warriors need a way to extend their rush

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Battle Rage used to be the answer to keep more cards coming in to sustain a rush but now without it they can't use enrage/rush strategies anymore. Battle Rage should be re-tuned somehow because now it's now an unplayable card in any context. The only warrior deck now is delay/armor and it's SOOOOOO boring.
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TBH rush warrior decks are probably the best warrior decks now. I played control most games pre-patch, going for like turn 20+ in many cases, and now it really kind of sucks without battle rage.

Tuning the deck more towards aggro seemed to help with results. I completely removed battle rage now, even though I used both of the earlier revisions of the card.
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The nerf to Battle Rage was kind of massive, well in my case anyway. I had to rethink my whole deck synergy. I even prefer the initial battlerage (draw a card for each damaged minions) because it was working better with Whirlwind. It is unusable if you don't have a solid board control and people are getting better at clearing the board. The fact that a lot of Warrior card have higher attack than health stats make them hard to be alive after 1 turn or 2. If you are in a position to draw 3 cards ( 2 damaged minion + the hero) you were already in pretty good shape of the game and the battle rage was just an insurance to your victory.

Also a lot of the warrior's cards are about boosting attack for big swing (inner rage and cruel taskmaster + inrage mechanism) so the other guy sniped them fast because of the threat of massive damage. Like TianZi i removed battle rage totally and switch it with acolyte of pain and Cult master and i am still experimenting with the deck. Idk why the nerf was so severe, I really consider the current version of battle rage to be the worst and with less synergy with the other warrior's card.

Sorry about the rant I am really displease with that nerf and would prefer the original version at least....:(
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The nerf to Battle Rage was kind of massive, well in my case anyway. I had to rethink my whole deck synergy.

That's pretty much the same for me. I built my warrior deck in large part around battlerage, as it allows me to play a low curve deck in very late game. So now I have a bunch of various warrior golden cards and a pretty crap deck. I mean I could still easily play to 3star masters after the next rank reset, but I doubt I can compete with favorable win percentages at 3star masters.

At least they let me refund the golden battlerages for 400 dust. TBH I'm more disappointed that it seems they keep nerfing whatever I have fun with, and AFTER we point out OP stuff and they just leave it without saying anything then suddenly nerf it. I played aggro-control rogue before the wipe, and aggro-control warrior post wipe. and they're like just nerfing key cards/abilities.

It feels like they're trying to push players into playing either aggro or control, similar to how they killed specs like feral-resto Druid in WoW.

They should really just let us disenchant the entire deck for full dust value considering they made entire decks totally different relative to how they functioned pre-nerf. It's not that the deck doesn't work, but it's a whole different style of gameplay :(
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The only decent high end warrior deck now is armor armor armor and control and wait for enemy to run out of cards. Battle Rage should be returned to it's previous state. It was only extra-strong in Arena.
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i have a pure weapons deck, just 2 creatures. how am i supposed to draw cards now?

the change wasn't as bright... i hope future patchnotes include enemy creatures.

it made my deck really luck dependant
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