Warrior problem with lack of drawing cards

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I can bring a priest down to 5 hp, and then I'll be down to 0 cards until my turn comes along. There's barely any cards that allow a warrior to draw cards while other classes have a tonne of them and can just draw out the fight longer. Whats the point of playing a warrior if I'm just going to be down to 0 cards all the time?
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I know what you mean (oh boy do I...) and I *believe* Blizzard acknowledged that warriors have issues with draw power. But that didn't stop them from nerfing it recently, if I remember right.

But if you played Blizzard games before, you should know by now that they are very, very, VERY bad at balancing things. Remember how long they spent balancing Diablo 3? And what did we get? Well, compare Barbarian to Demon Hunter. Night and day. Remember Starcraft 2, and how long they balanced that one? Only to release it with silly-overpowered Terrans, and Zerg so weak and requiring so much more work to make it function even remotely well that most professional gamers wouldn't touch the zerg with a 20 foot long rusty halberd. And WoW? Oh, wow...the choices. When 90%+ of top 100 5v5 arena teams have a shaman, and 1% of them have a feral druid, Blizzard thinks both classes are just perfectly balanced. And this goes on for years. And when past-Cata feral druids are the only class that can actually kill the insanely overpowered mages, druids are the ones that get nerfed to the ground. That's Blizzard balancing for you. And this goes all the way back to Warcraft: Orcs and Humans in early 90s. And I'm sure Blackthorne would be unbalanced as well, if it had multiple classes.

So, honestly, just play another class until the Wheel of Nerf rolls around again and warrior becomes stronger once more.
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