How do we beat Mages?

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They have atleast 8 spells that'll freeze the field so domination is useless, and at 7+ Mana you won't ever get to dominate the field.

That's my conclusion anyway, if anyone has any ideas or suggestions, please share!
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Play mid-range shaman control and slow roll your creatures. This'll force them to polymorph dumb things, and fireball your minions instead of you.

Instead of relying on bloodlust, you should either drop it completely or only play one. I also suggest playing Faerie dragon x2 + Flametongue x2. These two cards reck priests/mages.
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you have better early game control with totems + low cost spells like lightning storm/bolt.

control the field before turn 4.
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Mages prooved difficult for me today as well.
Specially the arch mage is difficult to deal with,with its 7 hp. Its not realy a card you want to hex but none of the other removal spells can get rid of him.Meh,maybe i should just hex it next time..
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Don't play late game strategy, that's their turf. Take board/card control early on and you'll have them on their heels.
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I've found the key to beating almost any class is to keep spamming totems almost every turn and if u have mana tide and flametounge with totemic might thAt often forces your opponent to waste their cards on your totems which is what you want. Get them to waste cards clearing totems. They are basically free minions that don't cost you any cards and provide you with a variety of buff options. I often win games by making my opponent waste cards on totems. Even if he still has a lot of cards left in his deck the key is to reduce the number of cards in his hand before you start your offensive. He might be able to stop 1or 2 of your good cards still by that point but they always run out of steam once they can only play 1-2 cards at a time and I'm sitting there with 4-5 cards I'm my hand. I've found it doesn't matter how strong thier deck is, if they are only able to play 1-2 cards every turn it's just a slow death.
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So normal Shaman vs Normal AI Mage loses almost every time. Give it a try. Shamans seem really weak.
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There are a variety of ways to kill a mage. I made 3 star masters with no epics, legendaries, flametongues or bloodlusts while getting everything but the kitchen sink thrown at me. I'm winning over 80%.

I've since added in legendaries and I'm currently altering my control deck to help me deal with Hunter One-Turn-Kill decks while still being effective vs other classes. Take a look at these videos, there are some vs each class and archetype:


][{obayshi ][\/][aru
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Stealth panthers with our buffs seem to do the trick :)
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Umm, i just concede whenever i see a mage open with either a mana wyrm or a mirror image.

Absolutely nothing you can do to stop the pain train headed your way.
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I run a charge/draw deck. Stall/try to even trade until I can get 2 rockbiters, windfury, reckless rocketeer. As long as there's no taunts on the field, that combo can hit for 22 damage turn 9 or 10 which can catch some mages off guard and has won me quite a few games.

The stealth suggestion sounds interesting but AoE spells hit stealthed minions, whereas cards in your hand are usually safe.
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I reckon I win probably 1 in 5 games vs mages (and they're 90% of all my losses), and they all play the exact same. No skill, no combinations - just spells. IMO their spells are too cheap esp. frost ones, and lance is a bit too strong (against already frozen - such cheap damage).

The longer a game draws out the more likely I am to lose too, so I'm trying to play my deck to win faster against them which is kinda working. It's just not fun having to change up your entire deck just to respond to this stupid mage metagame in ranks 10-20 where I usually am.
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Of course you are going to lose if you run long games, because there is enough face damage in a mage deck to kill you.

The key is not to over-commit, but always keep board control.

You need to make sure they have no creatures on the field and hit their face every turn. At the same time, NEVER EVER have more than 2 non-totem creatures on the field unless you are about to deliver lethal damage. If you give into the temptation to swarm, you will suffer those 1-for-4 Flamestrikes and lose.

Also, pack some burst damage, like Argent Commander, Doomhammer, Lava Burst, and Rag.

Mages should be one of Shaman's easier match ups.
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I have been rolling priests and mages with my Hand Sham deck :-) Seems other shamans are having issues.
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With Mages, you are on a timer.

With Priests, you can slowly break them. The principle is the same though, keep your field small and threatening. The Priest will panic and use their two-card combos on 1 creature. And then you just drop creatures 1 at a time until they have no response.

Then sometimes you have games where they Thoughtsteal twice in early game and you just never catch up in cards.
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How to beat mages in 2 steps.
1. You can't
2. See step 1
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In the original post, it sounded like he was talking about freeze mage. I don't know that you can beat freeze mage, when all the cards are running their way. Often they don't, though. One key thing is to save Earth Shock or Hex for the Doomsayers. They have very little board to trade with, so if you can avoid one or two board clears you usually have them. Antique Healbot (or Vitality Totem) helps after they play Alexstrasza. Also save a Hex or at least Earth Shock for Archmage Antonidas.
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The first post was almost 2 years ago ;-)
But indeed. Silence the doomsayer, and you are good to go. Or silence a frozen card of yourself and do something usefull with it.
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